The Turmoil in the Cemeterror

As I shared in Sarasota Day on Monday, the fire marshal put a bit of a kink in my plans for Cemeterror, but as I put myself into the job that must be done, it is still turning out better than I could have planned. Of course, it disturbs me that public service entities like the fire marshal’s office must come shake down citizens for more money, but in this society where everything is a commodity and so much activity is required for the supposed life-giving resource of money, I have come to accept it as par for the course. It is what it is, and I will continue to go with the flow in the hope that what I do within the system will help us to overcome the system and be able to flow more freely in the days to come.

CemeterrorPoster2013FINISHEDNEWEDITI’m not mad at the fire marshal’s office, but rather feel compassion for them in having a profession that requires them to be afraid for a living. Considering the stress they are under, both of the representatives that visited the site were kind and cordial, and seemed to actually want to help us meet our goals of opening in time and putting on a fun, yet safe, show. And while the act of having to take precautions in order to meet ordinance standards is a pain in the tookus, I can appreciate the intention of public safety under which the guidelines were created and have no problem with walking the extra mile in order to avoid a possible pitfall.

Although the extra precautions cause me some extra work, they also present challenges which force me to sharpen my skills and rise to becoming a more creative artist, a more wily businessman, a more conscious citizen, and a more active member of my community. For me, the more work I have to put into whatever craft I am creating only makes the unveiling of the art all the more joyous. There was a time when craftsmanship and passion were paramount in this land, and I sincerely hope that what I do here at The Flow Factory will inspire more of that.


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