The Return of Seymore Deadpeoples

550469_10151209417452557_837284733_nAs I’ve been developing the maze for Cemeterror, in which all sorts of fun props and spooky decor are being added, a few people have asked me if I am going to resume my role as Seymore Deadpeoples last year. Considering that the end of the maze now leads to a community bazaar at The Flow Factory, I think that my energies will be better spent mingling among my community and answering questions about what else we have to offer. Nevertheless, I felt that the costume suited me quite well, and considering that last year my dialogue consisted of my yelling, “Raaaaaahhhh!” every few minutes, I think my character could use some expansion. And I think that I’d be better suited for the sideshow than the haunt.

As we’ve been trying to initiate more flow by sending all of debris that has collected in The Flow Factory out with people that have needed them. We’ve also had people donate things that continued their way through, and we’ve picked stuff up on the side of the road that have been repurposed as well. There are also things that we picked up that just haven’t yet found their place.
Two of those items are a cumbersome yet funky reclining wooden chair that I brought home on the little blue wagon and a coffee table in need of refinishing. They’ve been sitting by the side of the road for a week, and I’ve been wondering what to do with them. Fortunately, an innovative dude on a bicycle carried the chair off on his head the other day, but as I looked at the coffee table since, I thought that it would make a great stage from which my character can engage the dead peoples that he sees.

Since there was really no script last year, and since I am writing the script for this year, and since my character stands out as the one light colored costume in the bunch, I think that Seymore Deadpeoples has much to say as he drifts in and out of existence. However, I think that his best lines won’t be the ones written by me. As we’ve played with this idea of infinite potential that we’re developing through ABC (squared) Economics, and that with every dream comes the work necessary for its manifestation, I have more than once thrown out the line, “There’s the rub.” And although I know it’s a bit out of context, I think that, as we as a people wake up to a new way of living in the world beyond the commodity world view, we had might better examine what dreams may come as we expand our vision of what life really is, die to what we have been, and throw off the mortal coil that keeps us from the joy that is our birthright.

CemeterrorPoster2013FINISHEDNEWEDITAt The Flow Factory, we aim to open people up to the reality that the universe is incredibly abundant, and that we have everything that we need in order to create a life that flourishes with love, creativity, celebration, and mirth. Yet as we live through “the way we have always done things,” we tend to diminish our capabilities by limiting ourselves to what can be done only through the facilitation of a currency that has lost its intrinsic value, has repeatedly failed in developing the wealth that it promises, and has increasingly been absorbed into the accounts of a very small percentage of the population. If we can instead wake from our zombification and realize that we do indeed have all rights to let life flourish through our hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits, and need no longer serve these ways that seem right to men yet always end in death, then we can open our eyes to a new tomorrow and emerge triumphant from our zombie apocalypse.

So I will, as Seymore Deadpeoples, be performing, among other things, the “to be or not to be” soliloquy from Hamlet. That is, after all, the question that we are asking people. Do you want to be the hero of your own life? Do you want to be a life artist? Will you be a warrior for what you know is of virtue? Will you be the change in the world that we are looking for?

If you are given the chance, will you make the most of the life you have been given or will you shirk from your potential and choose the status quo? To be or not to be, that is the question, but what being you will choose is the mystery. And as I see more dead peoples come to a new understanding of life, I see the potential for a lot of rebirth from this Cemeterror.


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