The Value of Community Radio

528007_532877550066293_453863428_nThough I don’t listen to the radio often, when I do, it’s tuned to 96.5. It’s not just because I host a show on WSLR called Oikonomia about the wealth of the community and discuss the new rules of the house, but also because the station offers me really eclectic blend of music and information that helps me to better create the kind of life that I want. Giving me news that matters and information about what’s going on in the world I can actually relate to, 96.5 is so much more of a listening treat than the same old music and commercials that are found elsewhere on the radio dial.

I also love the purity of it being listener supported. Since its inception, WSLR has been a community radio station, powered by people who care enough about their community to volunteer their time, talents, and financial energy to ensure that the people of Sarasota have a voice. And through its live Internet stream, that voice can be heard all over the world.

Co1235069_621854351168612_312626599_nnsidering the issues that we face and the innovations and creativity we use to find answers, it is a powerful thing to be able to share that information with the rest of our global community. Although the heart of WSLR is dedicated to the local matters of Sarasota, what we do here reverberates around the world with communities who deal with similar issues and might benefit from hearing our take on things. And, of course, the ability to find out about what’s going on in your own backyard from people who really care is a priceless addition to what WSLR offers.

As our community radio station runs through its pledge drive this week, please consider supporting this endeavor and ensuring that this resource continue. It doesn’t take a whole lot of money to do what WSLR does, but it’s an investment pays off magnificently in making this community much richer in diversity, celebration, and education. Go to or call the station to make your pledge now.


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