Earthdance – Tripping Into Laughter

This is part 5 of a 9 part series…

The Labyrinth looked amazing at night, even before the LSD took hold. We brought five canned lights and used the four that worked. The result was this glowing box of color that attracted explorers, inviting them to take the journey inward.

labyrinthgratifly8Perhaps I’ve never had a high enough dosage, but psychedelics have never taken me to other realms as I hear many people describe. It does, however, make me feel very good about being in this one. In the handful of times that I have experimented with psychedelics, I have never experienced hallucinations… as far as I know. I mean, after all, aren’t all of the boundaries we place on our experience of reality merely hallucinations anyway? Some people have told me that some people have nothing to learn from the trip, so perhaps I’m just already seeing through my third eye just fine. Yet even though the trip may have no place to take me, it’s still a pleasure to go along for the ride.

IMG_2697As it was, the pinnacle of this ascent to nowhere was a laughter therapy session at The Flow Factory. As Misha attempted to describe what he had discovered as the secret ingredient to finding the answer to life, the universe, and everything through his evening of perspective shifting to Freddie, who had not consumed any notorious substances yet who was dressed in a metallic sheened costume complete with cape and fool’s crown, Freddie’s complete mystification was completely riotous to me. And with Raagi there to egg us on into emotional release, what started as innocent giggling turned into uproarious laughing fits that had my face covered in tears and my body feeling completely exercised as I rolled on the ground in hysterics. Yes, LSD is very silly, but then so is this magnificent life I’ve managed to stumble upon, so I have no complaints about my experiment in attempting to shift my consciousness to something a little more reasonable.


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