Earthdance – The Journey Toward a Better Festival is The Journey Toward a Better World

This is part 6 of an 8 part series…

We had two people show up for out 3:00 playshop on “How to Dismantle Monsanto,” which was two more than any of our other playshops. As we sat around discussing the move beyond the commodity world view of which Monsanto is merely the most blatant proponent, the biggest of the dragon’s many heads, we were joined by two others, and I was able to inform the first two attendees about ConnectPolk and all of the incredible things they are doing to help create the world we deserve. I didn’t have anyone come to the “Getting Back to Eden” playshop, but that particular playshop is currently a solitary one and I enjoyed the time to write the world.

Saturday morning, I went to a 10:30 workshop on human evolution and how we can be participants in it. I was glad to be able to offer some insights into my own journey of seeking value beyond the commodity mentality. Throughout this festival, there has been much discussion on seeking for a better way of living than the reliance on a system that continues to fall short in providing for the needs of humanity. After my experience with Gratifly, I felt as if the festival circuit was a natural path toward reaching the future of our civilization and engaging them in their ability to co-create their lives, through their connection with nature, their connection with God, and their connection with one another. I still hold out hope for the possibility, however this particular festival seemed to be a bit too preoccupied with the hedonism which often accompanies the release of unqualified restraints and the search for a new way of seeing things. Of course, I realize that my own hedonism may have played a factor, yet I feel that it is also the structure of the festival and how involvement is initiated.

labyrinthgratifly4One of the things that makes me question the sincerity of the intention of the festival, regarding the prayer for peace, is that for the second year in a row, they hastily organized it at the last minute and started the telecast international prayer for peace late. It’s a beautiful prayer, and I’m glad to have it printed on my back, but it would have been nice to have all said it together. But the ceremony continued with a circular parade of a few dozen fire spinners and fire breathers before engulfing a star shaped effigy in flames. It was an impressive array, but I wish there was more care given to the supposed reason we were gathered.

Like Misha, I have been doing a lot of watching and taking mental notes as I look forward to the development of the Yule Awaken festival and the opportunities it offers to create a festival more reminiscent of the real world we imagine, encouraging a more open system of engagement and interdependence. I’m interested to find out what it’s actually going to look like.

One of the exciting things about doing this Labyrinth installation is that I never know exactly how it’s going to turn out until I’m finished with it. I have these pallets delivered, work with what I’m given to create whatever art I can, and then wonder at how it all comes together. That’s really the experience of anything I put my creative energies toward so I imagine this festival will be no different. It just depends on the other energies that come to take part in the art.


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