Earthdance – Telling a New Story

This is the end of an 8 part series…

Photo by Arielle Original Art

Photo by Arielle Original Art

All in all, the festival was a great experience. The highest points came from avenues I never expected as I let go of attachment to outcome and merely opened up to what life had to offer. At festival, you never know what life is gonna offer up. The Labyrinth didn’t get quite as much attention as I would have liked it to, but it brought smiles to many, tears to some, and has offered me a new direction in which to venture.

I have managed to become quite adept at releasing my need for particulars, but opening up to what the universe has to offer in its own gentle timing. When I do that, I realize that life provides in many bountiful ways, and I wonder, during those times that I am holding on to attachment, when I am following old patterns that no longer truly serve me, but are merely stories that that I tell about myself, I wonder how many new stories I miss by not being my Self. I think that I would like to tell a new story.

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