Earthdance – Freddie Goes MAD

This is part 4 of an 8 part series…

Freddie had a bit of an adventure today and rose to the occasion of being a hero for the people and making a difference. At last year’s Earthdance, in the middle of the festival was a faucet with showers, where people could refill their jugs from the well and hydrate themselves as necessary. This year, someone had circumvented the water source to run it through a filter and sell it to festival goers… interpretation – you don’t pay, you don’t drink.

IMG_2695Freddie, who had spent the last of his monthly budget to get to the festival to install his hexi-yurt, was outraged that someone would even conceive of claiming a natural resource as their own and charge others for drinking it. “I’m trying to build a new world here!” he shouted repeatedly. “This isn’t right! This isn’t the new world!”

After voicing his indignation to the woman at the well and giving her an ass-wiped dollar bill for which to stuff up her own aqua-rustling rectum, he further retaliated by removing all of his clothes until significant attention was brought to the manner and rectified. Although Freddie has been recently hired as a nude male model, and probably welcomed the chance to work out his final jitters, festival organizers, as liberal as they may seem, were not too keen on having his jumblies out and about like that, and managed to acquire a splitter so that free water was available for all with the option of paying more for that which was filtered. After putting his clothes back on, Freddie also went back to apologize and make peace with all he had offended and got a gallon of free filtered water out of the deal. I was very proud of him.


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