Earthdance – Finding Our Flow

This is part 7 of an 8 part series…

LAbyrinthGratifly3On a late afternoon excursion, Misha and I happened upon a vendor near the main stage who made her own clothes and performed as a dancer throughout the festival. When she stated that she was running on very little sleep and had to dance again later in the evening, I invited her for coffee at The Labyrinth if she needed a pep-me-up. She was the only person in the festival that I invited for coffee, and I was truly glad when she showed up.

We talked a bit about her art and she started talking to us about this phenomenon called “flow.” Freddie informed her of the name of our camp, and I followed up with a description of the community flex space also known as The Flow Factory. Wouldn’t you know it, she just happens to have owned the since 2008 and is currently just redirecting it to another blog site.
I was sure to get her contact information before she left. It’s good to be in the flow.


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