Taking The Labyrinth of the Unbroken Path to Earthdance

It was my pleasure to install the updated version of The Labyrinth of the Unbroken Path at the Earthdance Festival in Lakeland this year. The following is the beginning of the 8 part journey as I experienced it through my iPhone and keyboard docking station. Keep coming back to www.InkenSoul.com for the whole thing.

The First Day, A Day Late

It is my second year attending the festival, and I feel that I am much more integral to the development this year. Last year, the installation consisted of my laying out the 45 steps in a spiral in the middle of the field. This year, the installation consists of 50 shipping pallets, a lot of paint, four workshops, and the building of a garden wall.

labyrinthgratifly6We arrived at Earthdance a day later than we expected due to a delay in Freddie’s truck getting repaired. Fortunately, Lakeland’s not too far away, and Mark, who took us to Gratiflly earlier in the year, was willing to come back to Sarasota and scoop us up. When we finally got there late in the afternoon, Misha went to work on setting up the camp, and Freddie and I set to work on setting up the pallets to be painted.

After we installed the Labyrinth at Gratifly, I decided that I really liked just having the pallets there when I got there and put to good use after I left so our proposal includes delivery of pallets, paints, screws, and a few other amenities. The challenge I see moving forward is that all of the pallets they’ve collected are various sizes, which is going to make it difficult in piecing it together, especially since the one thing I forgot to bring was a tape measure. We managed to get a good number of the pallets painted before the sun went down and darkness overtook the color, but as I write this and gaze on the full moon hanging just a few inches off the horizon, I think that tomorrow things will come together very nicely.


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