Earthdance – Preparing for Transformation

This is part 2 of an 8 part series…

The first night, Freddie, Misha, and I went out and toured the grounds, checking out the other stages and hugging everyone we met. The vibe is a little different than it was at Gratifly. Although both festivals extol electronic music and the use of various chemicals to elicit tastes of higher consciousness, there is not yet the feeling of openness and unconditional love that we felt in the South Carolina mountains. Nevertheless, the three of us are going to do all that we can to cultivate that feeling and are devoted to hug as many people as we can to help it grow.

LabyrinthGratifly2Knowing that we were going to have a full day of finishing the installation of the Labyrinth and hosting two playshops, we went to bed fairly early to get a good night’s sleep before bursting into complete celebration mode. Although we are technically situated in the “quiet camp,” we are on the loud end of the quiet camp, which puts us right at the spot to hear the music from both stages simultaneously, creating an unsynchopated rhythm that’s not quite easy to sleep to. Fortunately, I am a master at sleeping, and after I emptied my bladder around 4:30 in the morning to find that both stages were still active, I still managed to drift off and get some dreaming done before I felt the sun coming through the tent.

The sun had just peeked up over the horizon as I stood outside and it warmed my face. Closing my eyes, I could still feel the sun energizing me through my eyelids. Breathing my way through each of my chakras, I grounded myself into the cool grass and aligned myself with All That Is in order to have a fortuitous day of creativity and community building. For although this particular community will only be together for a few days, I believe that the bonds which are created here will be spread to wherever we may go afterwards and help form the basis for the world that will emerge from it.

Like Gratifly and the many Burning Man spin-off festivals, Earthdance is billing itself as a transformational festival. This means that the intention is not merely to come here to dance and get high, but to work on improving our personal connection to Source so that we may each transform into the people we feel ourselves called to be in order to make the changes necessarily in the world around us. For me, The Unbroken Path and the messages we have to deliver through our playshops are vital to that transformation.

While the intent of the festival is for transformation, which requires discipline and focus, it is still a festival so the moments of focus are more happened upon throughout the revelry than tied to a set schedule. Though we arranged schedules to offer our playshops, due to the lateness of our arrival and the absence of programs to inform people about the playshops in order to preserve paper and save trees, we have come to simply view the entire weekend as The Journey of the Unbroken Path Playshop, interspersed with celebrations of creativity, conversation, citizenry, and collaboration as we realize our return to joyful living through our emotions, our thoughts, our activities, and our connection to Spirit. Basically, our camp is a mobile version of the Flow Factory as Misha works on the syllabus and I enter words into my iPhone on my laptop desk as we await the screws to assemble the Labyrinth.


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