Earthdance – Looking Around the Corner

This is part 3 of an 8 part series…

We finished building the Labyrinth shortly after 6pm. Our new neighbor Mannie was incredibly helpful, and it was a joy to experience that kind of community. Van and Darcy added the final signage of welcomes, directions, and warnings, and The Labyrinth of the Unbroken Path was born again.

hmf2013 labyrinth19We had to take a longer break than we wanted after constructing the first twenty pieces, but after the battery for the screw gun I have been borrowing from my dad for the last several months (which, ironically, he bought so that he would have an extra battery), we got back to work on the assemblage. We’ve already had a few sojourners who have had really affirmative responses. We even had someone paint on it before we’d had it fully assembled.

Though no one really showed up for the playshops at the designated time, as I said, the entire weekend is one long playshop. I get to sit under my tent for the next day or so, handing out paint, writing, and watching a new world emerge around me. Watching Earthdance for the second time from a totally new perspective, while comparing it also to Gratifly, is giving me a lot of ideas on how to structure the Yule Awaken festival by creating a mobile model of The Flow Factory and a working model of ABC2 Economics.


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