The Journey of the Unbroken Path

In this age of separation that humanity has been suffering through, we have realized ourselves as separate from one another, separate from nature, and separate from God. Due to the attachment to our ego identities and the ensuing attachments to our countries, clubs, cliques, and considerations, we find ourselves stuck in a space of seeing the fullness of abundance as a glimmer on the horizon, a thing just out of reach, always on the other side of the expanse between who we think we are and who we most want to be. The journey to return to the fullness of our being and leave behind the folly of separation, lack, disease, and violence is guided by the whisper of truth that runs through all of our creative traditions, each of them fingers pointing to the moon which illuminates this Unbroken Path toward the eternal life that is our birthright.

steps-in-wet-sand1In each of our traditions, there is a built in goal of reunion with the Source of our Being. In Christianity, it is referred to as salvation with heaven as its reward. In Buddhism, it is enlightenment with Nirvana as its reward. Yet this reconnection with our Source is not a physical journey we must take, but a righting of the mind, a changing of perspective.
Throughout our means of explaining the world, we have created a variety of multi-tiered steps that allow us to come to a better understanding of how we can once again integrate ourselves with All That Is. Yet the paradox of our metaphorical return to Oneness is that we were never truly separated to begin with. It is but our mind and the mistakes that we have cultivated through generations of imagined separation that keep us from our birthright of unyielding joy.

In this world view of separation, the ideas fostered through religion that we have been cut off from God and the scientific miscalculation that we are apart from the natural world, have created this alternate dimension of pain, suffering, poverty, and injustice. Due to these errors in our estimation of reality, we have channeled our shortsightedness to create more conflicts than our remotely necessary, and in so doing, we have manifested a civilization of strife, disconnection, and imbalance. It is only through recognizing the true Oneness of all things, and accounting for this perception of reality with gratitude and love, that we can embrace the fullness of life and reunite ourselves with our right mind and right reality.

The journey to arrive at the world of reunion is the Unbroken Path. Regardless of our traditions and the intricacies of imagination therein, among them all is an overwhelming compulsion to become more than we are, more than the skin-encapsulated egos fighting for independence that the world regards us as, but spirits weaving a tapestry of interdependence throughout the world we are co-creating. The Unbroken Path is the one-step journey of appreciating and embracing the overwhelming lengths to which culture has gone to point the way toward the reality we see so that we may release them to step fully into our roles as the manifestation of their At-One-ment.


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