How “Pay-What-You-Want” Works

Everything in life has a price. At least in the civilization we’re living in, everything has become a commodity. Looking at fair market value, we can scientifically deduce the monetary value of pretty much anything by simply comparing it to comparable stuff.

paybuttonfont3Yet even with in this matrix of wealth demarcation, the true value of a thing is still very much arbitrary, and what is worthless to one is priceless to another. Because we at The Flow Factory believe in wealth beyond the Federal Reserve Bank, and since that particular means of exchange has become a commodity in itself so that many citizens are lacking in that currency, we have opened up the possibility of alternative forms of currency in order to make all of our events, services, arts, and products affordable for ever member of our community.

For each transaction, the community member is given the choice of paying in Federal Reserve Notes, Time Dollars, Bitcoins, or barter. Each currency will have its own appropriate value assigned to it. A painting, for example, will have a comparable fair market value in Federal Reserve Notes and Bitcoins or the artist can name his requested price. Similarly, the artist will know how much time she spent on the work of art, which will account for the amount of Time Dollars the purchaser agrees to earn back by finding his flow in service to other members of the community in reciprocal hours. For events, likewise, there are fair market values on classes, performances, and exercises in the monetary economy and the length of the event determines the number of Time Dollars required for admission.

In order to further equalize the flow of our economy, each transaction will be channeled to the various participants utilizing ABC2 Economics. This ensures that our Artistry is supported to allow for more creativity, our Business is supported to allow for more ingenuity, our Citizenry is supported to allow for more sustainability, and our Charities are supported to allow for more humanity. By recognizing and honoring the entirety of our community and developing more collaborative methods of wealth development, we hope to help usher in a more balanced and healthy economy.

What would you pay for that?


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