The Challenge of Having an Ego

egoThe dilemma that I face, and truly that most of humanity faces, is what to do about this ego thing. A variety of spiritual luminaries say that we must transcend our ego and open ourselves up to who we are beyond this mortal coil. Our egos are seemingly a pattern of behaviors and decisions based on the search for complete autonomy, independence, and separation from God, and in order for us to move on to the lives that are waiting for us, we must get these things in check.

Our egos are that part of ourselves that believe we are a body, limited to a pinprick of time and space, yet exceedingly desirous to prove our magnificence in contrast to everything else around us. The ego is a story we tell based on our vantage point in the universe, limited only by the scope of what we allow ourselves to see. What our ego doesn’t want us to know is that we are all of it, the entire experience.

This age of separation that humanity has weathered has caused great devastation to the planet that has housed our metamorphosis. Like the processes of birth, puberty, or any other transformative process, there is always a certain amount of dramatic destruction as the entity grows in complexity and maturity. In this age of reunion, we may now bring the healing recognition that we are the planet which houses us and we must love ourselves for being the conduits of creative consciousness that we are.


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