The Joy of Alignment

chakras-07I was invited several weeks ago to attend a Sunday service at the Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light, a New Age/Metaphysical Christianity church that has sprouted up in The Meadows. My Sundays are generally full of lazing about and resting, but since I have been practicing a meditation designed to align my chakras, and since my desire for alignment lies in wanting to create a life for myself in which opportunities reveal themselves to me synchronistically as I flow through it, I thought it was a good time to accept the invitation and make the connection. The ministers of the church teach the unity of all thought systems designed to our relationship with our Creator and call upon the ascended masters that have gone before us, and the angels and archangels tasked with aiding in our ascension, to help us realize our atonement.

The meditations were encouraging, empowering, and filled with the highest quality of love. I didn’t necessarily feel any different after the service, but the beautiful synchronicities of hope and understanding do seem to blossom more with the cultivation of conscious breathing and openness to faith beyond belief.

In the evening, having decided to finally catch Man of Steel while it was still on the big screen at the discount theatre, I was given a joyful surprise. When I got out of the car and started toward the building, I didn’t take two steps before I noticed a sheet of paper on the ground that said “Take What You Need!” with removable tabs cut into the paper so that passersby could tear off a piece for later reference. I imagine the poster was once hanging on a wall or tree, but as I picked it up and looked at it, I knew that it was meant for me.
The removable tabs were each filled out with a different need – love, faith, money, friends, family, health, kindness, freedom, motivation, and one tab was missing.

I considered what might have been written on that missing tab, and if it was something that I needed. But the more time I spent with the poster, the more I realized that it was exactly what I needed. For when I’m aligned and open to realize abundance for what it really is, I truly do need nothing.

Since then, I have been offering an I AM Aligned morning meditation at The Flow Factory on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8 AM. It is the first group meditation I’ve ever led, but I find it helpful for my own state of mind to help others come to better terms with theirs. If you would like to join us, or if you would like to start a meditation class of your own, drop by The Flow Factory and let’s see how we can get you aligned with your higher purpose.


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