After the devastating events of September 11, 2001, my friend Matt Corbin calls to ask for my help in writing a song in response to the catastrophe. For although the day will forever go down in infamy as a day of mourning, in a world resplendent with so many wonderful occurrences, the day also brought it’s share of joy. Through whatever trials we may go through, a change in our perspective can help us to realize the light shining through the darkness.

Nine Eleven Oh One

Sarah Jane was born that day, a bouncing, blue eyed girl

Little did she know she came the day they changed the world

Well her daddy cried and her mama smiled for their ray of joy had come

a light shone brightly in the dark on 9/11/01


In a little white church away from it all they stared into each others eyes

their pennies were tight but their love was rich and they pledged to share their lives

and his mama cried and her daddy smiled for their special day had come

two lonely souls became as one on nine eleven oh one


Bobby say by the phone with a tear in his eys, his mama glued to the TV

The planes had gone down. but there wasn’t a sound til they heard the turn of the key

and his mama cried and his daddy smiled as they showered love onto their son

Daddy came home as he promised he would on nine eleven oh one


Every ear within shot heard the impact, and we all felt it down to our bones

Every heart stopped for a moment, but thank God that life still goes on


the world was shocked and the world was torn that fateful autumn day

and we all cried out to a silent God as we tried to find our way

Though so many cried some find reason to smile, found joy when there seemed to be none

love still lifted up the earth on nine eleven oh one




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