Life in the Autonomous Nation of Stevetopia

On July 4, 2012, in service to myself, the people of my country, and the rest of the world, I severed my citizenship with the United States of America and declared my sovereignty as the Autonomous Nation of Stevetopia. I like America, for the most part, and am very grateful for many of the wonderful shiny things that it has brought forth into the world. However, due to their incredible penchant for wastefulness, violence, and ill health, I cannot, with good conscience, contribute to their ways of force when I believe that the way of power is so much more effective in contributing to and interacting with the world.

smiley faceStevetopia is a small nation with a population of one and a mobile territory of roughly one hundred and forty-four pounds of water, air, earth, and fire that generally maneuvers around the twenty-seventh line of latitude and eighty-second line of longitude in the northwestern hemisphere of the planet Earth. It is a peaceful nation, well-crafted in resilience, resourcefulness, and efficiency, and more devoted to creativity and collaboration than collusion and competition. Their largest exports include literature, art, film, music, technological innovations, good vibes, and smiles.

Economically, Stevetopia is a gift-based system. Because mathematics is ill-equipped to adequately value the four quadrants of the Stevetopia economic paradigm of heart, mind, body, and spirit, the Stevetopia Parliament decided that attempting to keep tabs on such things was pedantic and unworthy of the creative energy wasted on such a foolhardy endeavor. The citizenry shares freely with members of neighboring countries, who tend to return kindness amicably.

However, the Stevetopia Department of Cultural Affairs is sympathetic to the traditional members of neighboring countries that still rely on such rudimentary systems as finance, so in order to keep the peace, Stevetopia does occasionally engage them in their rituals and utilizes the currency they refer to as “money.” In order to empower the citizenry of these countries to realize more freedom than their totalitarian governments generally allow through their antiquated methods of the commodity world view, residents of Stevetopia also engage in the use of complimentary currencies such as Bitcoins, Time Dollars, and even the old, reliable practice of barter. It is due to their flexibility in accepting the abundance of the world that the population of Stevetopia declares such a buoyant economics of happiness.

Culturally, the philosophical foundation of Stevetopia is based largely upon the Judeo-Christian tradition and situational comedies. During its formation, the tiny nation has played host to a number of religious belief systems, but does not formally align itself with any organized religious structure. Though they exuberantly celebrate a variety of rituals and spiritual practices, the people of Stevetopia generally declare the two commandments of Christ – to love God and to love your neighbor – as the law of the land.

Because the population of Stevetopia has realized their unity and committed to supporting one another while serving the world at large, there are no formal laws beyond the two aforementioned. Because there are no laws, there is no punishment, and other than the occasional theft by foreign raiders, Stevetopia is free of crime. Although independent from the rule of America, the Stevetopia charter is still based on the rights of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness declared in the American Declaration of Independence, and it is due to their allegiance to uphold these rights that the people of Stevetopia will form no laws to infringe upon them.

If you or your loved ones would like to visit Stevetopia for vacation, customs agents insist that you come bearing fruit or some other such gift, and leave all weapons at the border. Stevetopians make hospitable hosts and like to eat well, make music, and engage in lively conversation. To make your travel plans, write to the Stevetopia Embassy at or visit the The Flow Factory website, where the Stevetopia Embassy offices are headquartered.




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