Will We The People Stand Up?

Who’s taking the high road? Who’s bettering themselves in order to better their world? Who’s fighting for peaceful change? Who’s picking up the banner dropped at the gunshot in Memphis thirty years ago? I like to think I am. And I know there are others.

we-the-people_larger            I’m not going to pretend to be an activist only a leader in my own life. The only control I have over what happens in the world is how I react to it. Gandhi said to be the change you want to see in the world.

It’s exciting for me when I see that truly positive changes are happening in America. Though it is rarely covered on the evening news, there is a movement of people in America and around the world of people seeking after a higher state of consciousness. It’s exciting to me that blood is starting to boil and hearts are starting to stir. It’s still frustrating at times when it seems as though our greatest concern is where we’re going to get free music now that Napster’s been shut down, but that’s just media hype.

We the people is what this country was founded upon, and we the people will change it.


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Steve McAllister is the author of The Rucksack Letters and How to Survive an Estralarian Mind Meld. He posts regularly at InkenSoul.com, and sometimes posts atAnything ArtsSarasota Music Scene, and Elephant Journal, and is currently the Director of Operational Development for the Common Wealth Time Bank in Sarasota, Florida. Follow him on TwitterFacebook, and YouTube.


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