What I Got for my 42nd Birthday

In lieu of a birthday wishlist for myself, I directed my friends and family to The Flow Factory Wishlist and asked that if they wished to bring a gift to my party, those items would be most helpful. As it was, I got three bottles of vinegar (two white and one red), three scrubbing sponges, a pack of hand towels (because you can’t forget your towel), a DVD player, a not-quite-functional desktop tower, a functional guitar stand, and an amp. My parents and sister came for dinner the next night and brought me underwear, toilet paper, and soap. Kinda sets my course for how to direct my activity for the coming year, I think.
As it is, 42 is starting out radically different than 41. At 41, I was homeless and drifting, and at 42, I’m living in a community flex space venue and have an incredible informational infrastructure to help develop a more balanced and healthy economy. Personally, I’m feeling like Douglas Adams was onto something.
I’d decided that the gift I’d wanted to give for my 42nd birthday was the twelve inches of hair I’ve been harvesting for the last few years. So before the party got started, I sat down in the reappropriated barber’s chair I’ve been sitting in for the last six months and had Jennifer cut it off in two pony tails. The hair is being donated to Locks of Love  in memory of Julia Seyffert, who survived breast cancer for years before moving on earlier this year, so that someone will remember how beautiful they are.
Jennifer decided a roast was in order so my barber chair was moved up to the stage, and I sat there with my new Dutch boy, mushroom-head hair cut and took the jokes that I’ve been laughing at for years. Although Jennifer and Misha, who probably know me best, were the only ones to truly roast me, the sentiments expressed by friends old and new made me truly appreciate the life that I’ve carved out for myself in my 15,330 days on this here planet. And now that I got my hair properly did, I think 42’s looking pretty good on me.


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