A Rather Bizarre Bazaar


Saturday saw the first Flow Factory Community Bazaar and a wonderful example of the creative potential of Sarasota’s newest flex space. As we develop The Flow Factory‘s operating procedures in order to give us more efficient and effective modes of productivity and resourcefulness, I am largely integrating the “Think, Act, Plan, Do” method of activity development. As such, Saturday’s event was a wonderful Act of community collaboration and envisioning.


I’d spent the greater part of the previous week as I have the last six months, cleaning the place up so that it can be utilized as a place to foster economic development. The Thought was that a bazaar would offer the opportunity not only for artisans to showcase and sell their works, but also for teachers to open our minds to alternative economic appreciation through the sharing of skills and craftsmanship. Having gone through the experience, we now have greater insight through which to Plan so that we may Do it again with even greater results next month.
As it was, the event was a great success thanks to the participation of eight vendors and a wonderful smattering of citizens interested in another way of living in the world. Although Lynn Brusky was scheduled to give a weaving class at 3, her impromptu session had several people making their own yarn well before Joan Kershaw taught us how to make raw and vegan salsa, hummus, and guacamole at 1. Shortly after, Vincent from Rosemary Court offered us a soothing guided meditation, and Sharon Fitzpatrick, Alix Sun, Olga Komissarova, and Lex L-D showcased their artwork, along with the installation of The Labyrinth of the Unbroken Path.


Although I would like to see more attendees come next time, I think that we had a great start to what could be a fantastic opportunity. If you are interested in getting involved with the next Flow Factory Community Bazaar, feel free to email me at inkensoul@gmail.com.


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