Help Lay the Foundation of the Unbroken Path

Where will the path take you?

Where will the path take you?

The Labyrinth of the Unbroken Path is entering into a new phase with the installation at this Year’s Harvey Milk Festival, and I could use some help in putting it together. This installation will feature walls made from pallets which will form an interactive maze where sojourners can leave messages for others who come behind them. The walls will then be installed as grow walls for an edible garden to be planted by and for Sarasota’s homeless community.

941281_10151565050277557_268584487_nIf you would like to be a part of this community-based arts initiative, there are a few roles that need to be filled in the next week and a half, building up to the festival.

941743_10151565052022557_1946761037_n1. Painters – each of the pallets are being painted different colors, and I need people to help get the colors on.
2.  Installers – this will include unloading the pallets from the trailer, assembling the Labyrinth, and screwing them into place.
3. Labyrinth guides – I need people to greet attendees and encourage them to fully participate in the experience during the festival.

4. Uninstallers – help taking the Labyrinth apart and packing it up.

If you are interested in being a part of this project, please email me at

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