Participate in the Path of Pallets

Where will the path take you?

Where will the Path take you?

At this Year’s Harvey Milk Festival, as we embrace the diversity of our community and realize our true wealth, we will be installing a very special edition of the Labyrinth of the Unbroken Path. We are looking for recruits to help compile and assemble the project.

The steps to be a part of this installation are simple:
1. Find a shipping pallet.
2. Paint it.
3. Bring it to the Flow Factory at 2035 Cornell Street.
4. Come to the Harvey Milk Festival and walk the Labyrinth of the Unbroken Path.

If you do not have paint, just bring a pallet and we’ll hook you up. If you have neither paint or pallet, but still want to be involved, we can hook you up there as well. If you just want to provide pallets, paints, or brushes, you will receive many hugs.

The day of the festival, we will also have paints and chalk on hand so that attendees can continue to paint on the palettes and continue to tell our collective story. For more information about how you can get involved, contact Steve McAllister


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