On the Eighth Day, God Made Ganga

passI think that on the Eighth Day, to ease into that whole Day of Rest thing, God made ganga. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t on the Eighth Day exactly, but since there don’t seem to be any other Omniscient, Omnipotent, All-Powerful, All-Encompassing Sources of All Being around here, I’m pretty sure that marijuana was created from the Supreme Divine Influencer of the direction of the Universe. Unless there’s some other unfolding of eternity that no one has told me about, I’m pretty sure that the Maker of All Things planted the seed for this weed. So the idea the the government of the United States of America continues to spend $20 Billion a year to prohibit the use of this plant, which has never caused a single human fatality and is actually the single-most beneficial and multi-purpose member of the Plantae kingdom on the planet, is a little bit on the extremely faithless, if not spit-in-your-face blasphemous side, and makes that whole “In God We Trust” deal the joke of the century.

wanted GodWhat are Americans afraid of? Well, I shouldn’t say that. Recent surveys show that the majority of Americans actually favor the legalization of marijuana. Yet those that want to continue to pump billions of dollars worth of resources and manpower into eradicating God’s creation from God’s Creation still must be afraid of something in order to maintain such a ridiculously self-defeating activity.

Perhaps they’re afraid that everyone will get stoned and not pay attention to what’s going on around them anymore, and the economy will crash. Maybe everyone will get all doped up, get the munchies, and force large populations of the world into poverty. Maybe they’re afraid that if people start growing and smoking their own pot, they won’t need to buy other drugs, which will put a lot of legalized drug-pushers out of work, and they’ll just end up staying home and smoking the pot they start to grow, and we’ll all become a bunch of couch potatoes, covered over in green moss like Stephen King in that Creepshow movie.

stephen king

Unfortunately, most people don’t pay attention to what’s going on around them anyway, the economy is already imploding, millions already live in poverty, and the majority of the world’s couch potatoes are already harvested right here in the good old U S of A. Perhaps, just perhaps, what we fear as the problem may just be part of the solution. Maybe, just by the simple redirection of energy from the prohibition of one thing and into the development of something else, we may be able to ease some of our suffering.

For instance, what if we were to redirect that $20 Billion that America spends on fighting against the natural resource of marijuana toward cultivating industrial hemp? What if we plant that industrial hemp, with its natural capacity to restore soil, on every mountain that has been leveled in the search for coal, every swamp that has been drained in the search for phosphate, and in every wasteland created by fracking so that we could work toward eradicating industries of catastrophe and toxic practices? What if, instead of promoting laws and businesses that destroy, we start aligning with the powers of creation?

I think that’s the way God would do it.

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