The Easter in Estralarian

When I started writing The McAllister Code, there were certain words that leapt to mind, insisting to be used in the establishment of the new universe I was inventing. First came the description of the mind meld, for a regular mind meld would not be good enough, only an “Estralarian” mind meld would do. And as for the names of the aliens that would guide me through my quest, “Iman” and “Yewell” seemed to pretty much name themselves.

Estralarian_IMAGEI think I was about a chapter or so in when I started giving more thought to the derivations of the names that had squeaked their way into my brain from the ether. It was the aliens that spoke to me first, for in saying their names together, I got the term “Immanuel” and instantly remembered it as the name for Christ, “God with us.” As far as the mind meld itself, this weaving of thoughts into a vortex of love, intention, action, and passion, it was pretty apparent that “Estralarian” was some sort of derivative of “Easter” and that the way that I was being shown was an avenue of resurrection.

Now, it may very well be that I have some latent Christ complex issues or that the layers of Judeo-Christian rhetoric are much more evenly deposited throughout the strata of my brain that I’ve let on, but I do believe, and have felt so from a very young age, that there is something to this whole “Christ” thing, and that, although I have largely dismissed the futile attempts to organize a religion based on a faith too simple to need any organization, and although I have washed my hands of the practice of promoting the selected holy book of my tradition any more than the selected holy book of any other religion, I do believe that there is a message that must be gained. Although my starting to read my account of my Estralarian mind meld publicly happened to fall smack dab in the middle of holy week, again, it was not a conscious plan. Nor was it my plan to align the release of my book, nor the beginning of my fifth decade, with the end of the Mayan calendar and whatever new world the supposed “apocalypse” is supposed to reveal with the lifting of the veil.

Nevertheless, here we are. Although I am sure that the book will be received with both adoration and revulsion, as every idea of man is as it is passed through the terminal of acceptance into our collective consciousness, it is my hope that the essence of the truth behind the story will shine brighter than the story itself, or even the religious iconography that seems to accompany it. For I am not trying to sell a story, or a tradition, or even a way of life, merely offering an alternative to the stories that we are currently telling ourselves based upon tradition of selfishness, greed, and scarcity which offer a lifestyle of imbalance, injustice, and disharmony.

Perhaps these simple phrases are the work of my subconscious, the driving force of my youthful fundamentalism screaming out for some sort of validation. Perhaps they were directed by the Mind of God itself for the hope of humanity as we move our way from the limitations of the revolving doors of agriculture, industry, and information in order to ingratiate ourselves with the wisdom that is our birthright as the seemingly most sentient beings on the planet. Or perhaps its just a bit of entertaining fluff that popped into my imagination via an active culture of hero worship and idealism.

Regardless of where it came from, it is a really good book, and I am looking forward to sharing it with my community. For in each day outside of the book, in the story I tell with each breath, I celebrate new birth, the possibility of resurrection from whatever occurred before, and the magic of the phoenix as I continually make cinder of my conceived limitations and rise into a new existence each and every day. For although I want very little, if not nothing to do with the religion which has bastardized the name, ultimately, for me to live is Christ, and that is a story I may never be able to fully explain.


Steve McAllister is the author of The Rucksack Letters and How to Survive an Estralarian Mind Meld. He posts regularly at, and sometimes posts at Anything Arts, Sarasota Music Scene, and Elephant Journal, and is currently the Director of Operational Development for the Common Wealth Time Bank in Sarasota, Florida. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


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