On the Winged Heels of Hermes

Tumultuous transactions keep me in the mix
ushering matter to and fro with the influx of consciousness
directing attention to the position of greatest effectiveness
and letting the world flow without effort
Seeing my vision clearly, I move toward it
remaining always out of reach, perfection taunts me forward
drawing me into the excellence of merely striving
for realizing enough of a possibility in not quite yet
to invest in the steps toward someday
bringing the fullness of today into the light of merit
as purpose intertwines with passion
twisting into a caducean system of hermetic change
the kundalini serpentine medicine brings rebirth
connecting us from above to below
as Mercury plays intermediary through the transition
into new realms of commerce
where currents run strong, swift, and steady
through the channels we establish
so that abundance can use the ditches we dig
to reach its full potential


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