The Vocabulary of Dissent

In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God…

Then the Word was processed, manufactured, boxed, and sold for the low, low price of eternal life. Yet 1000 years after it was boxed, ushering in the Dark Ages and the Crusades of conformity, the Word is rising from its red lettered tomb and shouting the Vocabulary of Dissent.

And though the ingredients of this box contained the warning that the love of money was the root of all evil, the country which most proudly proclaims its trust in the boxed God has become consumed by the green eyed currency, hoarding it, spending it, stealing it, conspiring for it, and using the restriction of its flow to choke off the resources of those who cannot float in the economic current and have no access to the art of cash. The leaders in this land of the bought and home of the sold, these captains of industry and slaves of control have used these limited edition reproductions and the numbers that represent them to line the walls of their museums of self importance to block out the vision of those who have no presidential portraits of their own. This is the art of the 1 percent – to control, to restrict, to hoard, and to rule.

But we, the Artists, those who speak the Vocabulary of Dissent, we know the true power of the other 99. We, the Artists, those who read the Vocabulary of Dissent in the stories of those who have gone before us, those that have paved the way in word, color, image, and song, we see the story that is truly being told. Because we are the creators of art, we understand that art only represents the visions which dance across the ballrooms of our minds, but can never fully encompass it. We realize that art is not the moon; it is but the finger pointing at the moon. As such, we understand where this current of money is pointing as well. For these collections of art – these folds of paper, these shekels, these coins, these glimmers of value – have for too long been idealized as Value itself, but we, the Artists of Life, whose fabric of existence is woven with the Word of Truth, the Vocabulary of Dissent, we know that the art known as currency is not true Value, but only a representation thereof. We are now seeing past the ruse and understanding these works of art as nothing more than playing cards with which they are gambling for our lives. For all of art, the intangible and the utilitarian, is no more than a lie that points to the Truth, logos, the Word. And because of this lie, we must shout the Vocabulary of Dissent.

As the world around us quivers and shakes over the pending dissolution of the economy we have held so dear, as wars rage around us due to the unquenchable thirst for power which tortures the poor souls who have none of their own, we the Artists, the proclaimers of the Vocabulary of Dissent and the representatives of the 99 percent, know that we have a greater power within us. For we are the chosen ones, those who can see through the mist of mythology, break through the blockades of belief, relinquish the gallowed ropes of religion, and feel the Word moving through us, coming out of us not in only red letters, but in every color of the rainbow. It is through this prism of expression that we write the world in the Vocabulary of Dissent.

Throughout the last revolution, as the doubtful believers have dutifully followed the psychotropic musings of an island dwelling artist by the name of John, his confounding revelation has given us 1000 years of the Word in a box. But we, the Artists of Today, the prophets of the Vocabulary of Dissent, know that it is within our power to write the prophecy that will lead us into the apocalypse we desire. Because we know, due to our connection with this the Word, the Spirit of Truth which transcends the cultures, paradigms, stories, and religions which separate us, we know that we will lead the charge of this new revelation, and we will channel this flow into the New Revolution.

Revolutions are constant. They are fast and furious; they are slow and methodical. They are as consistent as the earth moving round the sun, and as tempestuous as a fad making its way through middle school. Yet this Revolution was not taught in schools, it will not be televised, and it will not be stopped. Though the movers of money will try to block its flow, this Revolution is fueled by a passion so hot it will turn their mountains of moolah into cinder and keep right on moving. For this is the Revolution of Wisdom and it is powered by the Vocabulary of Dissent.

For we, the Artists, the relegators of the Vocabulary of Dissent, know the value of Life, we feel the value of creativity, and we act upon the value of collaboration. We the Artists, the Vocabulary of Dissent crying out in the wilderness, we understand the value of community, we realize the value of solitude, and we explore the value of the ever expanding stages of consciousness. We the Artists, the realization of the Vocabulary of Dissent, we already see streets that are paved with gold; we have immediate and unrestricted access to a new heaven and a new earth. And we the Artists hear the call of the Goddess and the echoes of her muses. Yet we honor the Father for the direction He has given us by pointing his prod. We honor the Mother for the comfort she brings us in the warmth of her womb and the unfoldment of her eternal lotus. And we realize our brotherhood with the Son, who spoke so loudly the Vocabulary of Dissent to point out the simple wisdom of loving the Universal Artist of all that we know with all of our hearts, our minds, our strength, and our souls, and through that unbreakable spiritual connection we find the power to love our neighbors as ourselves. We the Artists, the painters of the Vocabulary of Dissent, we know that the New Revolution to which we are called and which we do follow, beckons us to continue the collaboration of creativity, to use the direction of the Father, the support of the Mother, and the coaching of the Son to delegate the creation of the new heaven and new earth we have been longing for.

This is the Vocabulary of Dissent, and it is infused with the Word, logos, Truth. We have the capacity to Write the World. We have the power to see beyond the veil of illusions upon which the 1 percent play with their shadow puppets of horror to hide our light from us. Beyond the limitations our addiction to their card game has placed upon us, we see the twelve steps to our freedom. We recognize that our dependence upon their gambling has created a problem. It has hindered our abilities to fly as we know we are able. It has relegated us to the slavery of the machine. It has consigned us to lives far less glorious than those for which we know we have been created, selling our time to continue their game instead of valuing our time to make our own rules. But we the Artists, the writers of the Vocabulary of Dissent, take our first step by recognizing that we have a problem. Our second step is the recognition that a greater Intelligence fuels us and calls us to something greater than the addiction which has kept us from the Life that is our birthright.

This is the Vocabulary of Dissent. Be free. Have faith. Give hope. And shine love. Write the World.

Steve McAllister is the author of The Rucksack Letters and How to Survive an Estralarian Mind Meld. He posts regularly at, and sometimes posts at Anything Arts, Sarasota Music Scene, and Elephant Journal, and is currently the Director of Operational Development for the Common Wealth Time Bank in Sarasota, Florida. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


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