Acclimating to My New Life

I don’t imagine I will ever lead a life deemed “ordinary,” however, I do seem to be getting closer. While my current residence is again temporary, it offers no necessary end date and is reliant only upon my desire to continue the job required as caretaker. The owner and I have no legitimate contract, not even a well-established agreement. However, I feel that as long as I’m living here, I should be of service, and since we have outlined his vision for the space, I feel that it is my duty to take the necessary steps to bring that vision into manifestation.
I prepared my living and working quarters a few weeks ago and moved in full time two days ago. In the loft of the warehouse, next to the nursery, I have a private bedroom, freshly painted, and a crudely carpeted living room complete with a 4×8 white board and writing table, which I am currently putting to good use. The living area looks down upon the rest of the warehouse, where the more daunting work awaits. This space has been used for a myriad of things over the years and still holds remnants of each of its endeavors. The task before me is to clear the space of this debris and help turn it into a community “third place.”
The plan is to install a climbing wall along one of the walls, open up a sort of raw/vegan cafe, and use the rest of the area for a variety of community events, including classes, performances, and other repurposing projects. Creating a space with such flexibility also requires some economic flexibility, more than is offered through the Federal Reserve Bank alone. In order to get the most value out of the space and give the most value to the community, each of the operations offered through what I have come to call “The Flow Factory” will come with a choice of currency, allowing participants the opportunity to use money if they like, but also Time Dollars, Growbucks, and bartering if those work better.
I call it The Flow Factory for two reasons. One, flow denotes the movement of currency, and by opening up to a variety of currencies, we will be more able to continue operations regardless of the economic stagnation that might come with a faltering single currency. Also, Flow is that state of optimal enjoyment written about by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, where a person gets actively involved in their unique skills and talents, getting into that zone where time, worry, and ego dissipate as the person completely engages with what they are doing. It is our hope to create more opportunities for more people to get into that flow in order to help cultivate a community of people living the highest possible version of their lives.
To get to that point, I’ve got a lot of cleaning to do.


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