First Super Bowl Since 2005

After getting my living space set up at the Flow Factory, I spent the last nine days cat sitting at Gail’s in Laurel Park. She’s got a great second story villa with vaulted ceilings and a front porch that feels like a tree fort. I feel fortunate to have cared for the cats quite a few times over the last year as each one has been somehow transformational.

To celebrate my last night before officially moving into my new living space and accompanying lifestyle change, I’m going to watch my first Super Bowl since 2005. I’ve sometimes watched the commercials online the following day, but professional sports has never held any kind of interest for me. Nevertheless, I do appreciate free beer and food, and I wanted to share a new dish.

I emancipated a bag of golden potatoes last week, and got some hot peppers from the gleaning. For working at Green Door Organics, I got a red pepper, cilantro, and tomatoes. With the onion I snagged from the Factory and a bit of Gail’s garlic, it’s really quite good.

I also emancipated some strawberries, and juiced them for lunch with the blueberries, apple, orange, and lime I got from Green Door, and some kale and collards I got from gleaning. I’m about three days into a vegetarian diet, but I don’t think I’ll be able to pass up wings tonight. Fortunately, I’m going gleaning again in the morning and move into the Factory after noon.


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