My New Year’s Intentions

Since we made it through the apocalypse unscathed, I’d like to start the New Year writing. If people in my community, both in my local community and the extended family that choose to consider me a brother, appreciate the words that I write, I intend to charge them either one time dollar or 10 Federal Reserve Notes for the enjoyment of my craft. I then intend to do that for each of the other 8,760 hours that will comprise the solar year of 2013.

I intend to design a set of 8,760 time dollars in 8 denominations representing the 4 aspects of humanity and the 4 aspects of nature and use them as currency. I intend to utilize the 87,600 Federal Reserve Notes of fiduciary value I expect to receive by breaking them into increments of 21,900 and directing them toward the 4 avenues of social economics of my individual needs, my business development, my community development, and our scientific and spiritual development. I intend to further direct my increment into 10 currents of 2,190 toward the iteration of Charity, Business, Food, Investments, Housing, Debt, Travel, Communication, Entertainment, and Gifts. Should I happen to make more than 87,600 Federal Reserve Notes through the sales of my books, public engagements, or other economic endeavors, I will direct their use in the same manner.

I intend to follow up the 109 and a half Federal Reserve Notes of the current iteration that has helped to support charity:water, the repurchase of the domain, royalties to April Doner for the use of her art on the cover of How to Survive an Estralarian Mind Meld, a month’s worth of really interesting movies and television shows on Netflix, some baking soda to brush my teeth with, and a nice start to savings up for the other things that will manifest in their own sweet time. I intend to enjoy each moment of the 8,760 hours of the next 365 days and direct my consciousness toward emotional health, educational development, pleasant practices, and artistic abandon. I intend to appreciate the new world given to us in the aftermath of the apocalypse and breathe new life into the civilization we are given to contend with. I intend to practice pragmatism, logic, creativity, and love. I intend to help usher out the wasteful practices of industrial thinking and violent activity of religious adoration into a greater understanding of conscious living and spiritual abundance.

I intend to cultivate my skills as a writer, musician, singer, poet, filmmaker, public speaker, currency coach, community activist, artistic revolutionary, malleable teacher, and all around renaissance man in order to create the life that I truly want. I intend to organize one infotainment event a week at various venues throughout Sarasota such as the Power of Peace, Get Off Your A$$!, and The Rucksack Cabaret. I intend to do what love and love who I’m with. I intend to be a life artist, and I intend to write the world.

Then I intend to teach others how to do the same thing.


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