A New World Begins…

If you were expecting an apocalypse of violence, chaos, and destruction, I do hope that you are not disappointed. What we have instead is a world of infinite opportunity and possibility. The card of the World brings us to the end of our Fool’s Journey so that we may start again, knowing that we are perpetually the Fool, and perpetually the World.

The imagery shows a dancing female figure, bringing us again to recognize the importance of the divine feminine within us, and though the position of her legs is identical to that of the Hanged Man, instead of looking inwardly, she looks outward to the World. Encircled by a yoni of laurel depicting the new birth that we celebrate by opening up to a new view, the four figures that guard the four corners (an ox, lion, cherub, and eagle) denote not only the fixed signs of the zodiac, but also the four elements, four directions, four gospels, four seasons, and the four aspects of humanity. For we are each comprised of heart, mind, body, and spirit, and just as these four rivers of reality converged in the garden of paradise, they each flow into and through us. It is the opening up to these sources of life that help us to engage in and create our experience of the world.

If you were set to end existence today, recognize that we truly do have the power to end the realms of existence that do not serve our highest good. Although it appears that the status quo of systematic civilization is fixed as “the way things are,” the truth is that the world is always in a state of flux as we travel this Unbroken Path and continually create existence by bringing our attention to it. The truth is that there are no problems in this madcap ride called reality. The World is a beautifully jumbled mess of ups, downs, and all points in between. The experience that we have is the gift of the journey that we can either relish with gratitude or curse with disdain.

How we wish to experience our journey is up to us. But let us not forget that the journey is ours and this world is what we make of it. Moving forward once again through this labyrinth of discovery, may we celebrate our participation in the moments and realize our power to be the change we wish to see in the world.

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