My Short-Lived Bid for City Commissioner

Over the course of the last few weeks, I have bandied around the idea of running a campaign for the at large City Commissioner seat in the March 12 election. When faced with the complication of my residency and voter registration status, I was tempted to make some noise regarding my right to participate as a homeless person and city-born native. However, as I have mulled over my options and considered what is truly important for the direction of my career and my community, I have decided to not make my participation in politics about me, and will not seek a seat in the City Commission at this time.

Instead of relegating my energy to representational democracy, I will instead be spearheading the development of the SRQ Party, working with other passionate people in my community to establish a platform of Sustainability, Resourcefulness, and Quality of Life which we will then take to the sitting commissioners and new candidates as a proposed direction for their energies. Although this party will utilize local government, as well as other institutions, to direct our course and establish a greater sense of unification, its greater mission is to engage the people of Sarasota to participate in their community in order to establish a greater sense of true wealth beyond fiduciary measures, and abundance based on collaboration more than competition. As much as the SRQ Party will honor the role of government in mitigating discrepancies and attempting to establish sound policy, we recognize that it is people that bring the vitality to a community, and that vitality must come from participation not representation.

I will, of course, be writing more about the SRQ Party in the coming weeks as we workshop our platform and develop a greater sense of prioritized direction. If you are a resident of Sarasota, either city or county, please consider getting involved in this endeavor to be a part of directing the course of your community. Representational democracy has its limits in establishing vision, equanimity, social justice, and collaborative development. It is my hope that the people of Sarasota will rise to the challenge of incorporating true democracy by not merely voting once every couple of years, but by voting with the strength of their character every day.


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