The Challenge of Writing the World

What if each word that I write would actually bring into manifestation the matter that it represents? What if I would give each word that I use, whether verbally or literarily, as both a prayer and an answer? Isn’t that the impeccable nature that don Miguel Ruiz called for in the first of the five agreements?

Since my living epitaph is to write the world, I suppose there’s always been this internal Suppression that keeps me from wasting these precious resources on trivialities. Nevertheless, I have still managed to use them unwisely on many more than one occasion for I am still a man and have a prowess for fallibility like no other. Yet as life continually blossoms anew with the gift of each new moment so I find myself today with this burning desire to simply use these particular gifts to share what can be shared, and hopefully, through the Unbroken Path that has been revealed to me, and the one that I meander down with the grace of a Clydesdale ballerina, the words that I share will make manifest the life that I imagine.

For the life that I imagine, and the one that tends to float through my life as some sort of ethereal haze engulfing me without making me feel enveloped, is one where people love one another, help one another, and abundance is realized through the understanding and appreciation of the natural world. The life I desire and manifest for myself is not dependent upon institutions and societal norms that do not aid in the development of holistic abundance, but rather one that helps people to realize their gifts and use them as tools to move into a realm of greater understanding and the shared wealth of the collective.

However, not everyone sees the world that I see. Many have limited the world of abundance to the interpretation of outside forces, the principalities of this world, and cannot see the wealth that their Creator bestows on them for they can only see the limitations brought on by those that hold them captive. I can only hope that the words I choose can illuminate the path beyond the limits of limitations.



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