Howl at the Moon

Though the Star shines brightly to illuminate our path, the Moon shines a different kind of light. As the light emitted from the moon is a reflection of the sun, the theme of this card is one of an indirect connection to our own source. It is a card of intuition, shadows and faith. The night brings with it many shadows in which we play, it is where artists often find their muses hiding, and where we often find the most courage as we face the things that creep through the darkness.

The Moon speaks to our shadow side. Though we often think of the night as the opposite of day, through the reflection that it offers us, we know that it is all part of the same revolution. In the dark of night, when our imaginations run wild, there is still a glimmer of light which lights our path. Just as with the dark side of our consciousness, when we find ourselves embroiled in those emotions of disturbance and despair, we are never out of reach of higher consciousness, for it is always calling to us.

In the midst of the night, the Moon calls us to align our conscious and subconscious worlds, as the wild and tame within us run together, blending amidst the light and shadows. Regardless of how dark it gets on our unbroken path, there is always a glimmer to light our way. This is where we must rely on our intuition, and though we may not be able to see the Source of that which guides us, it is by face that we continue on in our journey toward oneness.


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