Here Comes the Sun

After we have made it through the dark night of the soul, after the treacherous journey of discovery we have taken, we finally come to the Source of our being and feel the light of the Sun on our faces. As the Sun shines down upon us, it illuminates everything and we realize that it has served as our beacon throughout our journey. The Sun, this center of our universe, gives life to all things, and as we have gone through all of our trials to witness its strength, we now feel it giving life to us.

This is the power of a new day, the aurora of new beginnings. As we approach the end of our Fool’s Journey and face the center of our revolution, we realize that we never were, nor will we ever again be, apart from its loving glow. The Sun is our source of power, and as we see it’s beams cast down and through all living things, we know that we are all of it. We don not live outside of it, for it lives within us.

As the Sun’s beams warm our soul, we find the strength to let our own lights shine. With nothing to hide amidst the warming glow of pure energy, we see that all things, even those that have shown us our shadows, have been necessary and instrumental in showing us who we really are. This is where freedom lies, in the full knowledge that our conscious and subconscious worlds have been conspiring toward our becoming all along. Bathed in the light of our being, even our folly can be seen as heroic and our failures as conduits for excellence. Looking into the Sun, we know that we are all one.


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