Tempting Temperance

Although we have gone through Death, stripping us down to a skeletal visage so that only that which is eternal remains, we still find ourselves once again encased in this flesh. Scientists say that on a cellular level, the human body is completely rejuvenated every seven months. So every seven months, we are completely different people. However, each of those cells resonate with primarily the same frequencies as the ones that preceded it as the same habits, patterns, colors, and perspectives persist through each generation.

A human changes as it experiences new occurrences, directs attention toward activities that effect the health of the cells, gains new knowledge, and engages in new behavior. On a societal level, this is also the way cultures change. On an individual and a societal level, this method of refinement is the same as it is for a sword, Temperance.

As we face each new moment, though we are compelled to act on the memories of what we have been, from the actual behavioral patterns we have developed through our individual lifetimes to the vibrations of generations past that still groove through our DNA sequence, we have the opportunity to temper our response to these illusions and shape something more to our choosing. This step in our transformation involves being honest about our emotional triggers, habits and addictions, and tempering our response to them so that we create characters of more heroism than victimhood. We cannot choose how we have reacted in the past, but we can be more conscious of the decisions we make in the present.


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