Letting the Tower Crumble

Once we finish our dance with the Devil and realize the folly which ensnares us, we come to the Tower of false truths. In our feeble attempts at creating stability amidst the turmoil we have faced, we must reconcile ourselves with the impermanence of the institutions we have enthroned to care for us. Built upon our own limited understandings, these towers must fall as we open ourselves up to greater spiritual understanding and seek greater abundance than their limitations have allowed.

As we have tried to make our own way and forced the development of structures that would serve as the foundations for the vain imaginings we may seek after, we come to realize that each of them have been created while we were in bondage and only serve now as reminders of that which would keep us subdued. Built from blocks of beliefs that obstruct the evolution of greater faith, the towers we assembled can no longer house the visions of what we truly desire, but rather serve as prisons for souls that long for freedom. And so we allow these towers to crumble, the lies and falsities that served as the bricks and mortar turning to dust as they fall down upon themselves, giving us a stronger foundation upon which we can build once again.

Be it religion, government, culture, or the development of our own ego, this Tower was built for impermanence. For nothing but the Truth is eternal. As we go through this Shift together, as the towers of our collective consciousness begin to topple around us, may we remember that the towers were but illusions to begin with. We may rebuild other towers with more illusions or we may rest in the Truth, allowing that to be the only stability we need.


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