Death Rides a White Horse

Like the theme it represents, the Death card is one of the more misunderstood cards of the Fool’s Journey. Considering that it is number 13 in a series of 21, it does not denote the end, but merely a transformation. After gaining the perspective of the Hanged Man, Death in this sense is simply the death of the person that we were as we come alive to a new life.

Represented by a skeletal figure in black armor, it is the stripping away of the flesh that we thought comprised who we were, leaving us with a simple structure that cannot be harmed. It is the death of the ego. So often we get wrapped up in the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, the visions we have collected of things that have passed away, but we cling to as if they are real. In this spiritual death, we let go of those stories and come face to face with who we truly are.

Beyond these stories, the myths that perpetuate our struggle, we truly are infinite, and when we let go of these temporal imaginings, we find that we are stronger than we thought ourselves to be. Death rides a white horse because when we can look beyond what we have been and die to those limitations, we become the heroes we have been waiting for. Death is paid homage by the religious, the young, and the old, and the sun peering over the horizon shines a light on Death’s banner where a white flower signifies new life and rebirth.


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