The Scales of Justice

As we allow the Wheel of Fortune to spin, we must also trust in its outcome. In Eastern thought, this is known as karma, the concept that the culmination of our past thoughts and deeds will manifest in the outcome we deserve. In Western thought and the Tarot, this is called Justice.

The card features a woman dressed in regal red, though often the figure is more androgynous as the sex is unimportant once we realize the balance of gender along this unbroken path. In her right hand, she holds the sword of truth, double-edged and prepared to cut in whichever way it falls. In her left hand, she holds a set of scales to measure our deeds along with their consequences.

In my spin of this Wheel of Fortune, I have decided to move forward with this campaign for a seat as a city commissioner. With that spin comes a heaping dose of neutrality over however it should turn out. Due to my disinclination to actively participate in local politics over the past few years as I have sought for a simpler life, according to the City Charter, I am ineligible to be a candidate for the position.

So I accept Justice as it comes, however, as a native son of Sarasota who was born within city limits, I also believe that a certain measure of weight must be added to the mix when considering my right to participate in the democratic process. After all, with a commission filled largely with people that were not born here and have not lived here as long as me, shouldn’t my birthright have a bit more relevance than the decisions made by transplants? Laws, like the City Charter, are merely ideas that are orchestrated by people with often limited knowledge that is sometimes perpetuated by illusion. However, true justice bears a heavier weight than feeble understanding, and as I move forward in my quest, I will keep my focus on an outcome that will most greatly serve my community and help me to serve my purpose therein.


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