Alone with the Hermit

The ninth card is that of the Hermit. The nine represents the completion of a cycle and the Hermit rounds out this first cycle of the Fool’s journey. Even the images on the cards are reminiscent of one another. Where the Fool steps of on his joinery with a bindle over his shoulder and a blossoming rose bud in hand, the Hermit looks into his inner journey with a lantern and a staff guiding his steps.

On each step of his journey, the Fool has been a character, a dimension of himself evidenced in the world around him. The completion of this cycle brings him face to face with himself. For each of us, our journey is a solitary one for each of us walks the unbroken path alone.

At the close of the Transition training, we were told to take some time for self reflection and a bit of visioning as to where we would go from here. With the lead in question being, “If you knew you could not fail, what would you do to help our world.” I’m rather elated to say that I’m already doing that through my various endeavors. Not that I’m trying to toot my own horn, but I’m rather proud of the fact that my Fool’s Journey has been so replete with heroic measures.

The Hermit is about introspection, and in large part about secluding yourself from society. This need not be in an unhealthy way, but by realizing ourselves as the arbiters of our own decisions, we remove ourselves from the mainstream mindset, enable ourselves to walk our own walk, and move forward in our journey toward the Wheel of Fortune.


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