Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

I’ve been tossing around an idea for the last few days about launching a campaign for the March 12 election for Sarasota City Commissioner. There are two at large seats coming available, and not one of the six people currently in the running represents what I’ve heard called the “Transition platform.” so since I have no qualms about making a spectacle of myself, and since I am a Sarasota native who does not necessarily approve if the direction my hometown has decided to take on several occasions, I feel that it is my responsibility to take the reins and guide us in a better direction. Since today, I am scheduled to give some attention to the card of the Chariot, I think it’s appropriate that I give this a little more thought.

The first challenge standing in my way is that in ordere to be a candidate, you have to have been a permanent resident and registeered city voter for the last year. Considering that I have been technically homeless for the last year and a half and am only registered to vote in county elections, that makes my candidacy somewhat impossible. Nevertheless, if I do decide to box myself in to a campaign for one of those seats, an argument can be made that the ordinance is discriminatory against homeless people and run on a homeless party platform. However, I’ve still not fully committed myself to the race.

In ll honesty, I haven’t fully convinced myself that I want the job. I like the idea of a two to three month campaign in which I would raise the issues which aren’t currently being discussed, but I’m still a bit hesitant about committing to a four year job where I would have to listen to inane blathering and endless complaints. Nevertheless, I do feel the need to take part in the discussion.

So since the Chariot is all about getting up and moving, I’m at least going to start getting more involved in my local government and ensure that those that have no voice have a voice. Although I can’t officially announce my candidacy, I am excited to announce that I’m producing a new show called “Get Off Your A$$!” You see, I don’t necessarily believe that government is the answer to our problems, even a government I’m involved in. The only thing that’s truly going to heal our world is for people to start participating in the life around them.

Looking at the actual job requirements, I have come to peace with the fact that I am ineligible for it, for I think my personality is ineligible as well. Should I somehow miraculously actually win the election against one incumbent and five other candidates, would I actually be beneficial in a management role when i could be partaking of a much greater leaderships role? considering the many other, more productive endeavors I have imagined myself doing over the course of the next four years, I really don’t think that my path is directed down the route of local government at this particular time, yet I do see it along the road up ahead. I’ve still got a few more adventures calling me before I tackle that victory.

In the meantime, I do have the vast expanse of the netherworld between the sets of opposites to explore, so I think that I shall find plenty to do to busy myself. My intended route is that of modern hippie, rock star, beatnik, poet, Jesus freak, tree-hugging, free love, resource-based, occupying, 99% sure wanderer with a penchant for panache through the thicket of financial limitations to reach the valley of complete abundance known as the Promised Land to all who seek refuge from the onslaught of extreme, militant, paternalistic, capitalist, Neolithic limitations put upon us by the jungle of civilizations. I’m gonna really try not to get too lost along the way, but please to keep in mind that on my chariot rides, I do tend to take the scenic route.

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