What The World Needs Now

Having looked at the elements at our disposal, recognizing the masculine and feminine aspects of our nature, and coming to terms with our sometimes fantastical methods of appreciating and understanding the spiritual, we come to a place of finding greater balance between them. On the Lovers card, we find such balance. Split into two halves, the top features an angel in the heavens as the bottom features a man and woman on earth, reminiscent of the way the Magician lifts one hand in blessing and points the other to the ground so as to say, “As above, so below.”

Love is mystical, and though the Lovers card prominently features a male and female as the key integers to its equation, the greater construct is the union of the spiritual and the physical. On our journey toward greater understanding and fulfillment, it is necessary to restore the relationship between these two aspects of our being. For a long while now, our society has had a struggle between science and religion as the guiding trailblazer of civilization. Looking beyond the expanse of questions neither of them can answer, we can see that they actually have more in common as methods devised to describe the essentially indescribable.

Although religion fashions a number of stories and laws to describe our relationship to the Source of All Being we inadequately refer to as God, it still cannot explain the mystery of the cosmos or the greater questions of why. And although science has proven to be a wonderful way to measure and comprehend our physical and chemical resources, once we look past the quantum, we realize that we have hardly scratched the surface of our understanding of the fabric of time and space. To feel the richness of Life, we eventually must move beyond the knowledge-based systems of partial understanding and open up to moving in wisdom through the practice of radical love.

Regardless of how much we know, or think we know, the essence of Life is the happiness that flows through it. Our main task is not only to get in that flow, but to be that flow. To be a lover of life, we must not merely look for things to make us happy, or to try to make other people happy, but simply to be happy. If we can love life enough to be happy with her, regardless of how she comes to us, regardless of whatever sticky mess she may drop in our lap or heavy object she may drop in our path, the sticky messes do become immaculate and the heavy objects do become rewarding challenges.

Because I did some writing and thinking on the Lovers card a few weeks ago, I didn’t think it appropriate to simply reiterate what I’d written before about polyamory. However, it has allowed me a more honest level of intimacy with the women I have relationships with. Once i moved passed the fairy tale notion of “true love or no love” and the puritanical notions along the same lines, I have been able to more adequately see people. Not just women, though I am much more prone to intimacy with the female sex, yet I find myself more able to see all of my life companions as more integrated and substantial than the stories I once told myself about them.

Love goes much deeper than sex. It is an integration of the spiritual in with the physical. To truly love, let go of what you think you know, and just open up your heart. You don’t need to take off your clothes, but you do need to drop your limitations.


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