Finding the Feminine

As we continue down our Fool’s Journey to the end of the world, the next face we see is the High Priestess. On the Tarot card, she sits on a throne dressed in gowns reminiscent of Mother Mary, the symbol of the divine feminine, between two pillars, one black and one white, representing the duality of this world of form as she helps us to find our balance in the midst of it. For the Tarot, as with most other methods of human comprehension, was devised by men. As such, this step of realizing the divine duality, the balance between the yin and yang, is an incredibly important step as we move through the folly-filled journey that mankind has been stumbling down for the last several thousand years.

It was not always so. Humankind was not always so lopsided in its lauding of the penis-bearing half of our species. Before we started hailing the Divine as a paternalistic presence, a Heavenly Father figure that stands sternly in judgment of our every move, we honored the Divine as our Mother, the Earth as the womb from which all life emanated from the Goddess. However, as we’ve learned throughout the ages of dominance engineered by exhorting our masculine side, when we reconcile divinity only to the phallic-based, everything becomes aggressively penetrative, and it is not until we soften in our approach that we can embrace the grace of the feminine and find comfort in the entirety of our being.

Although our Judeo-Christian texts, written entirely by men purporting the lordship of a testosterone-laden God, claim that man came first and was separated from his connection with his Creator through the fault of the woman, a longer look at history and a closer look at biology tells a different story. As each and every human being is conceived, they are brought to life in the image of the Divine Mother, with two matching chromosomes ensuring that all of us are feminine first. It is the protrusion that puts us into the realms of opposites, an extra chromosome launching the first of many missiles on our quest for authority after realizing ourselves as different than the true source of our being.

Perhaps it has been our feelings of isolation that have caused mankind to be so aggressive in our conquest of the planet which gives us life. Perhaps it is this oddly dangling morsel of flesh which grows from the root of our being that stands as the true tree of knowledge of good and evil, and it’s fruit of domination as that which separated us from the paradisaical embrace of the truly Divine as we have chosen to spurn Her in whose image we were truly created to instead honor a God created in our image. Perhaps it is because we feel so separate from our original being that men feel the need to fight so much, as if dominating the world will somehow prove our worth and get us back into the good graces of the Divine. Or perhaps it is the recognition of ourselves as different from the divinity offered through the Goddess of our origins that has compelled us to so forcibly ostracize women to the fringes of our erectally dysfunctional society, to treat the feminine as a lower status entity so that we may feel more at ease in our own dangling bit of skin. Whatever the case, it is time that fighting with ourselves and honor the fullness of our being.

Reconciling ourselves to the High Priestess and honoring the fact that we are each both masculine and feminine, and so should find the strength of consciousness to observe and appreciate both of these aspects of ourselves, we find ourselves at a pivotal step on our journey toward Oneness. For quite a long time, we have relegated ourselves to the rank and file of the militant mind of the masculine, lining up our soldiers to fight whatever war called to us, mindlessly masquerading as only half of what we truly are, drones of delirium who had forgotten the queen we actually serve. Throughout our history, we have seen snippets of sanity as men have emerged as leaders not simply through their paternalistic prowess, but through their ability to embrace the maternal in themselves, to bring the mercy, grace, and sensitivity which is so often beyond the reach of penile-extended courage, men who have heralded the divine feminine by recognizing the true strength of not merely engaging in the penetrative, but also, and even more so, in the receptive and inclusive.

It was this quality that allowed Jesus to become the bastion of grace and forgiveness that he is known for, and to claim the title as the Prince of Peace. For as we come to peace with ourselves, from whence we have come and to what we are called, we can more fully come to peace with each and every person around us, realizing that we are all one, male and female, all part of the same whole.



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