My New Year’s Intentions

Since we made it through the apocalypse unscathed, I’d like to start the New Year writing. If people in my community, both in my local community and the extended family that choose to consider me a brother, appreciate the words that I write, I intend to charge them either one time dollar or 10 Federal Reserve Notes for the enjoyment of my craft. I then intend to do that for each of the other 8,760 hours that will comprise the solar year of 2013.

I intend to design a set of 8,760 time dollars in 8 denominations representing the 4 aspects of humanity and the 4 aspects of nature and use them as currency. I intend to utilize the 87,600 Federal Reserve Notes of fiduciary value I expect to receive by breaking them into increments of 21,900 and directing them toward the 4 avenues of social economics of my individual needs, my business development, my community development, and our scientific and spiritual development. I intend to further direct my increment into 10 currents of 2,190 toward the iteration of Charity, Business, Food, Investments, Housing, Debt, Travel, Communication, Entertainment, and Gifts. Should I happen to make more than 87,600 Federal Reserve Notes through the sales of my books, public engagements, or other economic endeavors, I will direct their use in the same manner.

I intend to follow up the 109 and a half Federal Reserve Notes of the current iteration that has helped to support charity:water, the repurchase of the domain, royalties to April Doner for the use of her art on the cover of How to Survive an Estralarian Mind Meld, a month’s worth of really interesting movies and television shows on Netflix, some baking soda to brush my teeth with, and a nice start to savings up for the other things that will manifest in their own sweet time. I intend to enjoy each moment of the 8,760 hours of the next 365 days and direct my consciousness toward emotional health, educational development, pleasant practices, and artistic abandon. I intend to appreciate the new world given to us in the aftermath of the apocalypse and breathe new life into the civilization we are given to contend with. I intend to practice pragmatism, logic, creativity, and love. I intend to help usher out the wasteful practices of industrial thinking and violent activity of religious adoration into a greater understanding of conscious living and spiritual abundance.

I intend to cultivate my skills as a writer, musician, singer, poet, filmmaker, public speaker, currency coach, community activist, artistic revolutionary, malleable teacher, and all around renaissance man in order to create the life that I truly want. I intend to organize one infotainment event a week at various venues throughout Sarasota such as the Power of Peace, Get Off Your A$$!, and The Rucksack Cabaret. I intend to do what love and love who I’m with. I intend to be a life artist, and I intend to write the world.

Then I intend to teach others how to do the same thing.


A New World Begins…

If you were expecting an apocalypse of violence, chaos, and destruction, I do hope that you are not disappointed. What we have instead is a world of infinite opportunity and possibility. The card of the World brings us to the end of our Fool’s Journey so that we may start again, knowing that we are perpetually the Fool, and perpetually the World.

The imagery shows a dancing female figure, bringing us again to recognize the importance of the divine feminine within us, and though the position of her legs is identical to that of the Hanged Man, instead of looking inwardly, she looks outward to the World. Encircled by a yoni of laurel depicting the new birth that we celebrate by opening up to a new view, the four figures that guard the four corners (an ox, lion, cherub, and eagle) denote not only the fixed signs of the zodiac, but also the four elements, four directions, four gospels, four seasons, and the four aspects of humanity. For we are each comprised of heart, mind, body, and spirit, and just as these four rivers of reality converged in the garden of paradise, they each flow into and through us. It is the opening up to these sources of life that help us to engage in and create our experience of the world.

If you were set to end existence today, recognize that we truly do have the power to end the realms of existence that do not serve our highest good. Although it appears that the status quo of systematic civilization is fixed as “the way things are,” the truth is that the world is always in a state of flux as we travel this Unbroken Path and continually create existence by bringing our attention to it. The truth is that there are no problems in this madcap ride called reality. The World is a beautifully jumbled mess of ups, downs, and all points in between. The experience that we have is the gift of the journey that we can either relish with gratitude or curse with disdain.

How we wish to experience our journey is up to us. But let us not forget that the journey is ours and this world is what we make of it. Moving forward once again through this labyrinth of discovery, may we celebrate our participation in the moments and realize our power to be the change we wish to see in the world.

My Short-Lived Bid for City Commissioner

Over the course of the last few weeks, I have bandied around the idea of running a campaign for the at large City Commissioner seat in the March 12 election. When faced with the complication of my residency and voter registration status, I was tempted to make some noise regarding my right to participate as a homeless person and city-born native. However, as I have mulled over my options and considered what is truly important for the direction of my career and my community, I have decided to not make my participation in politics about me, and will not seek a seat in the City Commission at this time.

Instead of relegating my energy to representational democracy, I will instead be spearheading the development of the SRQ Party, working with other passionate people in my community to establish a platform of Sustainability, Resourcefulness, and Quality of Life which we will then take to the sitting commissioners and new candidates as a proposed direction for their energies. Although this party will utilize local government, as well as other institutions, to direct our course and establish a greater sense of unification, its greater mission is to engage the people of Sarasota to participate in their community in order to establish a greater sense of true wealth beyond fiduciary measures, and abundance based on collaboration more than competition. As much as the SRQ Party will honor the role of government in mitigating discrepancies and attempting to establish sound policy, we recognize that it is people that bring the vitality to a community, and that vitality must come from participation not representation.

I will, of course, be writing more about the SRQ Party in the coming weeks as we workshop our platform and develop a greater sense of prioritized direction. If you are a resident of Sarasota, either city or county, please consider getting involved in this endeavor to be a part of directing the course of your community. Representational democracy has its limits in establishing vision, equanimity, social justice, and collaborative development. It is my hope that the people of Sarasota will rise to the challenge of incorporating true democracy by not merely voting once every couple of years, but by voting with the strength of their character every day.

Judgement Day

As we near the end of our Fool’s Journey, we come to the card of Judgement. The card depicts the archangel Gabriel blowing his trumpet and the souls of the living and the dead, both young and old, rising from their graves with arms held a lot, awaiting the verdict of Judgement Day. However, in our journey, at this stage of our path, we are not awaiting judgement from on high. We have reconciled ourselves as the Sun which shines forgiveness upon all of our imperfections and shadows, and so the spirits which await judgement are the spirits of our own past which we must absolve and release in order to move on to our next beginning.

The Challenge of Writing the World

What if each word that I write would actually bring into manifestation the matter that it represents? What if I would give each word that I use, whether verbally or literarily, as both a prayer and an answer? Isn’t that the impeccable nature that don Miguel Ruiz called for in the first of the five agreements?

Since my living epitaph is to write the world, I suppose there’s always been this internal Suppression that keeps me from wasting these precious resources on trivialities. Nevertheless, I have still managed to use them unwisely on many more than one occasion for I am still a man and have a prowess for fallibility like no other. Yet as life continually blossoms anew with the gift of each new moment so I find myself today with this burning desire to simply use these particular gifts to share what can be shared, and hopefully, through the Unbroken Path that has been revealed to me, and the one that I meander down with the grace of a Clydesdale ballerina, the words that I share will make manifest the life that I imagine.

For the life that I imagine, and the one that tends to float through my life as some sort of ethereal haze engulfing me without making me feel enveloped, is one where people love one another, help one another, and abundance is realized through the understanding and appreciation of the natural world. The life I desire and manifest for myself is not dependent upon institutions and societal norms that do not aid in the development of holistic abundance, but rather one that helps people to realize their gifts and use them as tools to move into a realm of greater understanding and the shared wealth of the collective.

However, not everyone sees the world that I see. Many have limited the world of abundance to the interpretation of outside forces, the principalities of this world, and cannot see the wealth that their Creator bestows on them for they can only see the limitations brought on by those that hold them captive. I can only hope that the words I choose can illuminate the path beyond the limits of limitations.


Here Comes the Sun

After we have made it through the dark night of the soul, after the treacherous journey of discovery we have taken, we finally come to the Source of our being and feel the light of the Sun on our faces. As the Sun shines down upon us, it illuminates everything and we realize that it has served as our beacon throughout our journey. The Sun, this center of our universe, gives life to all things, and as we have gone through all of our trials to witness its strength, we now feel it giving life to us.

This is the power of a new day, the aurora of new beginnings. As we approach the end of our Fool’s Journey and face the center of our revolution, we realize that we never were, nor will we ever again be, apart from its loving glow. The Sun is our source of power, and as we see it’s beams cast down and through all living things, we know that we are all of it. We don not live outside of it, for it lives within us.

As the Sun’s beams warm our soul, we find the strength to let our own lights shine. With nothing to hide amidst the warming glow of pure energy, we see that all things, even those that have shown us our shadows, have been necessary and instrumental in showing us who we really are. This is where freedom lies, in the full knowledge that our conscious and subconscious worlds have been conspiring toward our becoming all along. Bathed in the light of our being, even our folly can be seen as heroic and our failures as conduits for excellence. Looking into the Sun, we know that we are all one.

Howl at the Moon

Though the Star shines brightly to illuminate our path, the Moon shines a different kind of light. As the light emitted from the moon is a reflection of the sun, the theme of this card is one of an indirect connection to our own source. It is a card of intuition, shadows and faith. The night brings with it many shadows in which we play, it is where artists often find their muses hiding, and where we often find the most courage as we face the things that creep through the darkness.

The Moon speaks to our shadow side. Though we often think of the night as the opposite of day, through the reflection that it offers us, we know that it is all part of the same revolution. In the dark of night, when our imaginations run wild, there is still a glimmer of light which lights our path. Just as with the dark side of our consciousness, when we find ourselves embroiled in those emotions of disturbance and despair, we are never out of reach of higher consciousness, for it is always calling to us.

In the midst of the night, the Moon calls us to align our conscious and subconscious worlds, as the wild and tame within us run together, blending amidst the light and shadows. Regardless of how dark it gets on our unbroken path, there is always a glimmer to light our way. This is where we must rely on our intuition, and though we may not be able to see the Source of that which guides us, it is by face that we continue on in our journey toward oneness.