Today I Choose To Live In Peace

This morning, I read in my Course in Miracles workbook “This day I choose to live in perfect peace.” this was shortly before I realized that I’d accidentally deleted everything I’d written in the iPad an Angel recently gave to me. Fortunately, I’d read it to my sister Kate the night before so I had peace in the knowledge that it had at least one audience before it went the way of improvisational performance art and drifted off into the realm of practice. Although I’d wanted to share the words with a larger audience, I realized that they would certainly return again, perhaps sharper and more refined. Maybe one day I’ll even be able to write for twitter.

peacespinningAll of the writing that I’d done was based on the Power of Peace show that I’m producing this Saturday at The Coffee Loft. The idea for the show came to me a few weeks ago. I’d been wanting to put on an event at the establishment foe awhile, and since I had nothing of the sort scheduled or the month of December, it seemed like an appropriate time to do something a little different. Last year at this time, I’d just begun my series of one man “Rucksack Cabaret” shows which culminated with the “Rucksack Extravaganza” at the Bay Shore House. Since that event was used as a soft launch for the Common Wealth Time Bank, and offered me the opportunity to showcase a number of other local talents, I figured I use the opportunity to do more of the same and expand this particular show to share a bit of the peace I’ve found in opening myself up to a greater sense of abundance after giving up the use of money last year.

As with all of my shows, to prepare for this one, I’d selected a number of songs I wished to perform that touched upon the theme I was shooting for, organized them into somewhat of a story line, and proceeded to write my way between the songs in order to get a better idea of what I wanted to say during the performance. After probably getting a few thousand words in, I figured I’d probably end up just using the words as blog fodder and just say what came to mind as the Spirit led during the event. But since I do intend on performing these songs much more over the next year, and since they are largely based on stories I’ve lived and will most certainly tell again over and over again, I do believe that the words will return I other manifestations and find their audience as they’re ready to.

When I first returned to Sarasota, after honing my skills as a singer/songwriter at open mic nights in Los Angeles, I went to play at one in Bradenton where, like in many of the “venues” in this area, I was relegated to background music as people exchanged small talk over cigarettes and beer. I quickly realized that it wasn’t my intention to become a house musician or to just play music for people to bullshit to. Perhaps I have a heightened sense of self importance or perhaps I recognize the limits to my ability as a performer, but I wanted, and still want the times that I gather people together to listen to the music that I play and ideas that I have to share to be more than just another night on the town. As I’ve taken to close most of my performances recently, I want to “have faith, show love, give hope, and spread peace.” Considering that the date of this event leaves 21 days until the supposed end of the world, I figured it was a good time to help people come to peace with a few things.

Also considering that this year marks the end of a twelve year sequence in which I’ve come to grips with a supposed neurological disorder, traveled the country in search of an alternative to the capitalist/consumerist lifestyle that has become the scourge of the Western world, emancipated myself from the shackles of a religion based on limitation, ceased to relegate my value to the myopia of the Federal Reserve Bank, seceded from the US government to start the autonomous nation of Stevetopia, started an alternative local economic currency, and come to a healthier relationship with my Creator, I’ve somehow managed to come to a real sense of peace with who I am in the midst of all the drama I’ve embroiled myself in. So I’m very excited to share some of my findings with real people much more than just writing about it. As such, the loss of a few words, or even a few thousand isn’t really that big a deal when I put it into perspective.


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