Opening the Sacral Chakra

I get stuck sometimes as I’m going through my little Unbroken Path paradigm. Even though I’m the one who set up the order in which I am to discuss and write about the various steps along the path, I’m not always good at doing things in an orderly fashion. It is one of the traits that helps me roll with life’s punches and also one of the hindrances that keeps me from being a good little industrialized automaton. I’ve learned to forgive myself for whatever shortcomings it conjures up and just appreciate it s one of the crazy little foible that makes me who I am, and since I generally like who I am, I don’t beat myself up too hard for not meeting self imposed, imaginary deadline when there re other, more pressing things that need to be the dead to.

The particular step I’ve been working through lately is opening up my sacral chakra. And although I haven’t necessarily been writing about it, I have been giving it much consideration as I’ve been letting it spin these ldt few weeks since my last entry on The Lovers card of the Tarot. As I mentioned then, for the first time in my life, I am polyamorous, quite a transition for a guy that was raised to believe that monogamy was not only the only acceptable vehicle for sexual activity, but that it also had to have a lifetime exclusivity clause. Considering that I’ve already shattered the clause, and don’t feel any pressing need to commit myself to another relationship in ordere to feel complete as a person after my divorce last year, I am merely learning more about myself, thereby learning about the entire human race, by participating in honest, open, adult relationships that sometimes become intimately passionate. The results of my little faith-based sociological experiment have been quite astounding.

I think that part of opening the sacral chakra is realizing ourselves as sexual beings and recognizing that that’s not a bad thing. Especially in this culture of veiled puritanism, we tend to beat ourselves up over having and/or following through on our sexual desires. Because we so often relegate this rather large part of who we are to the realm of “sinfulness” we are less apt to understand ourselves, and more importantly, to understand one another. I find that getting in touch with your sexuality makes you more benevolent, friendly, creative, and secure in who you are.

Now that doesn’t mean that just because you’re sexually active you’re going to be nice to everybody, have a healthy self esteem, and become an artist. Sexuality does still have its dark side and can be manipulative, coercive, and lead to many issues that may do more to block your self actualization than to cultivate it. Nevertheless, when sexuality is appreciated in a healthy loving way, the results can be truly wonderful.


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