Flowing Toward Transendance

Yesterday, I had only two major items on my calendar: to move my stuff from Gail´s, where I´ve been cat-sitting for the last two weeks, and to attend an introductory workshop to Somato Respiratory Integration. But oh, how wonderfully a day transpires.


After waking up at my latest temporary residence, thanks to the grace of my hosts Jay and Kari, I got some writing done in the morning and headed toward downtown to get my moving done. My intention, though grueling, was to transport some of my stuff to a house I´m refurbishing down in the Maine Colony near Riverview High School, then take the rest to my current abode north of Ringling College. It was to be no small endeavor with a bicycle on a windy day so I was glad to see my friend Michael Miller had returned from his trip to Tennessee to visit family.


Michael said he´d be happy to lend his minivan services to help me move my stuff, and since he has an aversion to physical labor, I was glad to reciprocate his generosity by helping him replace an air conditioner which helped him to drop the temperature in his living room from 84 to 77 in a matter of minutes. In the meantime, I was able to visit my friend Don in the hospital and talk through some of the questions he posed to me amidst my mad dash to integrate the Common Wealth Time Bank into the Sarasota Community. I also learned that however well meaning your intentions, it´s not a good idea to discuss business with people in hospitals.


After Michael offered me his leftovers from his lunch at Two Amigos and we finished our chores, I visited my friend Mark, who gave me some welcome constructive criticism on the previous night´s time bank forum and let me use his shower so that I smelled a bit less primitive for the workshop. With still more time to appreciate, I did a little exploring in Island Park, visited Marty at the Blue Owl (where I pitched a show idea to the owner Frank and was summarily turned down (all things in due time), and spent a little time meditating in Five Points Park.


When I arrived at Transendance, where Tatiana Agafonova was offering the workshop, she told me that 6 of the people that had previously RSVP´ed had all canceled, leaving me as an audience of one. I assured her that I didn´t mind rescheduling for a time when she could get a bigger audience, but she was glad to give me the full presentation anyway, and I´m so glad she did. With the SRI program that she teaches, the breathing exercises are coupled with a very structured psychological approach that allows participants to gauge where they are in their journey of becoming a fully integrated person and guides them toward a higher state of personal, conscious evolution.


Developed by Donny Epstein, the 12 Steps of Healing and the coinciding 4 Seasons of Wellbeing are a brilliant way to look at where we are in our emotional, mental, and spiritual progress, and how we can align our physical bodies with a higher resonance by merely directing our consciousness. Philosophically, I saw many direct correlations to the paradigms I have used in the Unbroken Path, but I think that Dr. Epstein´s approach is a bit more focused than my esoteric meanderings through the tapestry of culture that I have assumed as my ongoing artistic venture.


As for Tatiana, she is an extremely skilled healer and a joy to listen to as she explains the transformative opportunities of this approach. Her deep Russian accent makes it all the more enjoyable. Although I had met her at previous Common Wealth Time Bank events, she first introduced me to her chiropractic method last week, and it was unlike anything I´ve ever experienced.


Also developed by Dr. Epstein, the Network Spinal Analysis that Tatiana uses is the most soft touch, yet effective, chiropractic experience I´ve ever experienced. I´ve had back troubles off and on since I was 18 so I was pretty used to the cracker packers that used their force to pop me back into alignment. However, Tatiana´s method draws more on guiding my own personal power toward the realization that healing is a participatory process.


Tatiana invited me back to Transendance on Saturday at 10am for the Discovery workshop in the Somato Respiratory Integration series. If you´re in Sarasota and want to experience something with the potential for truly life-changing results, I highly encourage you to contact her now at info@transendance.com to reserve your spot in the two-hour workshop.


Steve McAllister is the author of The Rucksack Letters and How to Survive an Estralarian Mind Meld. He posts regularly at The Unbroken Path and is currently involved in starting the Common Wealth Time Bank in Sarasota, Florida. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


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