The Groove of an Estralarian Mind Meld

The genesis of the book is a rather interesting story in itself. A few years ago, I received two emails stating that my book had not only been published, but it was an Amazon best seller! Most authors would have been thrilled to receive that kind of news. However, at the time, I hadn’t even heard of the book, much less written it. Somebody was having a lot of fun at my expense.

According to the emails, the book was a fictional approach to marketing about two extraterrestrials that had crash landed in my hometown of Sarasota and liked it so much that they recruited me to turn it into a marketing mecca. I was no kind of marketing expert, and I definitely didn’t remember meeting any aliens. Nevertheless, the idea was so intriguing that it rattled around in my head for the next couple of years until I realized how the story related to what I wanted to share with the world anyway. I may not be a marketing expert, but I did have a desire to write the world.

After being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder at 29 and hitchhiking across the country to write my second book The Rucksack Letters, I started looking much more deeply into the concepts of conscious living and the discovery of purpose. I realized that marketing, the practice of sharing what you do and how it can help others, is pivotal to self actualization. After all, how can we fully become what we’re supposed to become if we don’t let others know what that is? By letting them be a part of the journey, they can help us to reach our goals.

Once I’d grasped the concept, my challenge was to put it in story form. Recognizing that my guides through the journey were aliens with universal knowledge, I created an outline by aligning a number of paradigms taken from a variety of traditions used all over the globe. Then I looked for the common thread between them. Based on the teachings of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Stephen Covey, Buddhism, Christianity, Kaballah, and more, I was able craft a novel that was unlike anything I’d ever imagined writing.

Get your copy of How to Survive an Estralarian Mind Meld today.





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