Honoring the Hierophant

As we reckon with our Higher Power and Begin With the End in Mind, we realize that we are part of something greater and give our lives over to that. Usually in our culture, we meet people at this stage of the journey that relegate this intention to an already organized construct, such as a religion. In the Fool´s Journey, this is represented by the Hierophant.


On the card, the Hierophant is dressed in regal attire, mirroring the image of a pope, ensconced in immaculate clothing and surrounded by opulence. He bestows his blessing on two acolytes that kneel before him. Historically, the hierophant is a person who guides people toward the holy. And though it is often mucked up by the politics and power plays within the Church, we can still honor the holiness that it guides us toward without being constrained by the pageantry and pompousness.


“Remember where you came from,” this card tells you, “the traditions of your forefathers, the lessons of your faith, and you will know how to survive this crisis.”


We are all on our own path here. Some will wish to linger with the Hierophant and become his acolytes. Some will wish to quickly move on, disregard the structure and stability he offers, and find their own path to the holy. Yet if we all recognize that it is there, that there is a holiness to this life that we can each connect with, and if we can begin to see it in one another, beyond our robes and rituals, then we can each become a hierophant, and lead one another to the holy.


Our individuality is beautiful, and each of our journeys is exquisite in its own unique way. Yet what we can do as a community is astounding. Where we can find the energy to connect, let us connect. Where we can find shared values, let us share. Where we can grow together, let us grow.


If we can transcend our egos and acquiesce to the harmony that exists between us, we can cultivate common ground and grow into what we truly long to be.


As with each of these steps, I am looking more deeply at myself and recognizing these aspects of Steve. As far as the Fool´s Journey goes, on thinking about the Emperor, I seceded from the United States of America, declared my sovereignty, and made myself Emporer of the autonomous nation of Stevetopia.


With the Hierophant, I´m recognizing the holiness that exists in the world around me, realizing that it is far too incredible on every conceivable level to be fully constrained by the shackles of governments, churches, or schools. For it truly can´t fully be legislated, preached, or taught. It must simply be realized.


Throughout the revolutions that brought about our evolution, governments, churches, and schools have played an imperative role in forging us into the people that we have become. They are all holy in their own way. Yet the holy must also be sacrificed. Embrace and release so that only the essence remains and its vessel is no longer required.


The word sacrifice means ¨to make sacred.¨ Each of these institutions are sacred to us. For the guidance they give us to help us maneuver through this life we are given, they must be honored, as each and every one of us needs to be honored for our participation in the life that we share.


But we also must recognize the difference between sacredness and idolatry. What we cling to for buoyancy in this flow of life may also weigh us down. If we can hold to the sacred while simultaneously letting it go in openness to the holiness that is beyond it, we can open ourselves up to the continuance of our evolution. As we as a species have moved from nomadic grunters through the revolutions of Agriculture, Industry, and Information, its about time we stop leaning on how much we know, and open up in faith to what we don´t know. I think we need a Revolution of Wisdom.


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