Tipping the Tables

Continuing the stream of thought I started with Moving Beyond Money the other day, I’ve had the chance to discuss the concept with friends and get a little clearer on how I intend to make this transition. Basically, I offer the service of my talents as they are necessary, needed, or asked for politely. In return for my services, I ask the people of my community to provide me access to suitable shelter, food, electricity, and hygienic opportunities. As I already have adequate shelter provided through the end of December, chances are slim that you might have to take me home to sleep on your couch. But I thoroughly enjoy a variety of activities such as kayaking, yoga, movies, music, and eating, and would always enjoy the company.

I realize that this concept of living without the use of money might seem strange to some people, and it might seem downright insane to others. Actually, it’s taken me about eight years to really come around to grasping it. I had a vision of it when I was living in Los Angeles, and I’ve experimented with the theory on occasion, but given the situation facing the world around me, to me it seems like the most natural thing in the world.

Perhaps it’s just my ADD flaring up, but I’ve never really taken to the idea of using money. To me, it sometimes feels like learning to scuba dive by walking around with fins on. It just seems like such a clumsy way to float through life sometimes.

I realize that money is an established part of our society, and people have suggested that I go join a commune or live on a farm or something to avoid it. However, it is not my intention to leave society. My community just happens to be a part of society, and that is the reason I’m doing this in the first place. Although my greatest hope is that the people in my community find and offer more value in life itself without the need for the proxy of money, I still hope they make a lot of money and use it in a way more conducive to the sustainable and abundant future we all want and know awaits us.

I think that money can still be used as a tool to do what must be done, I just don’t think I’m the guy who needs to be throwing around that particular tool. I’m not against money any more than I’m against tools like guns, brassieres, bidets, and pre-nuptial contracts. They all serve their purpose, but they’re not going to do me any good. I’m not going to hold it against anyone if they find a positive use for anything they happen upon in their lives. That’s what all of this stuff is here for. But for me, my attention is spread far too wide for me to sacrifice any more of it to a system that breeds so much pain, stress, and misery. The same way I walked away from Evangelical Christianity, I’m walking away from the Federal Reserve.

Now although I left the dogmatic driven system of religion that often sacrificed the service of pointing the way for the derision of a clenched fist, I still feel that there are many underlying truths in the ideology of Christ. For instance, although his people were enslaved and treated as second class citizens, he was faced with all sorts of diseases and famine, and though he himself was beaten and crucified, the only time he ever became violently angry was when he faced the money lenders in the temple. Our money lenders, the Federal Reserve, have mockingly put “In God We Trust” on their currency, a currency that seldom makes it into the hands of those that God would have us serve, according to the message of Christ. So consider this my way of tipping their tables.


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