The Plan for a Jellybean Jacket

In my search for the Utopia which I dream of, where Life always works the way I want it to and I have a jacket made out of jellybeans, I’ve realized that I’ve still got a long way to go before I can understand everything that’s gonna work to make all things come into alignment so I can eat my jacket. Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop me from going through each day in gratitude for the blessings that I do have, and the realization of others that were there just waiting for me to acknowledge them.

Perhaps this is why I feel so compelled to let go of money. I often find so much more value in the actual manifestations of Life when I don’t have to give attention to their receipts, just allowing them to be, finding my place to serve in their progress, and moving to the next manifestation. There are often certain things that I have to sacrifice like buying a beer when I go to hear a friend play music or grabbing a piece of pizza when I smell the aroma coming from Patellini’s. However, I usually find fullness in other ways and move on to what Life has to offer beyond the frame of want.

I know that Life Provides. It is a truth that has been proven to me time and again as I have jumped from cliffs and stumbled over my own feet, always being caught in the sometimes too firm embrace of Existence. I find myself sometimes favoring the company of the lowly. Sometimes I feel pretty lowly myself. Yet although I don’t always allow for Life to provide in the way that She wants to in the abundance She so appreciates, due to whatever emotional, mental, physical or spiritual challenge I might be wrestling with at the time, I know that victory will always be mine when I stop fighting and let Her do Her thing.

For the last ten years, I’ve been writing books, screenplays, and plans on all of the things I’ve wanted to do. The books I’ve managed to publish myself, but the screenplays must become Team Art, and the plans, limited to only 25-40 pages, didn’t allow much for the How of the Whats and Whys. However, now, having written all that I’ve wanted to, I find myself in a much freer place to write what is required of me.

I keep hearing the complaint from the critics of the Occupy movement that there is no plan. Although most Americans are moderately forgiving of the fact that they want to protest what is happening in their country, they echo the malaise-filled sentiment of the network news saying that if you don’t know exactly how the journey is going to turn out, you ought not take it. It’s as if the vulture of apathy sits on their shoulders as they sit in whatever comfort America has provided for them while being unable to feel the Spirit that inspired its birth in the first place. When will be able to hear the cry of out countrymen and answer them with ideas instead of critiques? When do we plan to do that?

Circumstantially, I also have this seemingly aimless journey of protest against a system that has nearly destroyed the lives of millions of both my countrymen and fellow citizens of the planet, and one that I never much liked anyway. And as I try to make my way through these possibly shark infested waters of detaching myself from what most think is a perfectly fine vessel, I am consistently asked for a plan for my floating.

So for what it is worth, and for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, I will use this platform of to Write the World of the plan I hope to follow as I strive to live in the America that I believe in instead of the one that I must purchase. It is my hope that what I write aligns with the goals I hear that you are striving for. In the meantime, I’m going to start gathering jellybeans.


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